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colehankins 03-23-2002 04:56 AM

What do you use to clean vinyl windows
I have some crazing on my vinyl windows from laying up for the winter and wondered what other captains use on them. I have tried starbright products and dont feel i have gotten the results that the bottle suggests. I have heard rainx hurts the windows in the long run.

KIKO 03-23-2002 02:48 PM

What do you use to clean vinyl windows
Check with people that collect old cars.

I normally wash with shampoo, both sides, then, once dry, rub with alcohol, again both sides. Polish both sides with automotive non abrasive (do not use the ones to remove scratches or that indicate abrasiviness)car polish.
Finaly, remove all residue with alcohol, and wash again with mild shampoo.

I do that in old cars and works.
Motorola had a product to polish their mobile phone screen, but I can''t remember the brand.


SailorMitch 03-23-2002 07:36 PM

What do you use to clean vinyl windows
Here''s how I clean mine. Mild soap and water to clean the dirt off,then dry them with a soft towel. Then I use a product called Nu-Vinyl applied with a soft rag on both sides of the plastic. I think it''s very important to use something like Nu-Vinyl frequently to keep the plastic soft. For small scratches or spots that won''t come off otherwise, I use Flitz Metal Polish applied just with my finger (saw a demo of that at the Annapolis boat show and it works), then polish with a soft rag.

The most important thing is to use Nu-Vinyl to keep the plastic soft. Use that often and I think the rest of it takes care of itself.

Snap 03-24-2002 11:11 AM

What do you use to clean vinyl windows
A company called Novus, Inc. makes a product that will clean, polish and restore most plastics. Their #1 cleans, shines and acts as an anti-fog, anti-static dust repelling protectant. The #2 is a fine scratch remover that should remove most "fine" scratches. I believe they also make a more aggressive product but I''ve never used it. Novus, Inc., Minneapolis, MN 55438; Items No. PC-12 (#1) and PC-22 (#2). (800) 548-6872

There is also a product called Aquatech Strataglass cleaner and protectant that contains no ammonia or alcohol so it won''t remove the protective coating on strataglass and it leaves a very nice protective coating once applied. It may work for vinyl also; it sure works great for strataglass. (800)853-7760


alanporter 03-24-2002 05:12 PM

What do you use to clean vinyl windows
Pledge brand furniture polish applied with paper towels will take superficial scratches
out of plastic windows.

lecomte38 03-25-2002 10:40 AM

What do you use to clean vinyl windows
"Plexus", a spray on/wipe off treatment developed for the aircraft industry. It is available at motor cycle shops. cleans, uv protection, fills hairline scratches. good stuff

suedebriar 03-26-2002 04:32 PM

What do you use to clean vinyl windows
When I was in Florida I was with a charter captain that used WD40. He washed the windows with a mild detergent and a water hose then wipped WD40 on them with a cotton towel. I can''t speak for the long term effect but it was apparently commpon to do that down there.

colehankins 03-27-2002 11:38 AM

What do you use to clean vinyl windows
I DONT THINK IM GONNA USE WEASLE PISS(wd40) ON MY VINYL. Im tring to steer clear of petroleum byproducts and naptha on the dodger. but thanks.
To everyone else a big THANKS for your input.
Come to think of it wd40 is the one thing i dont allow on my boat. Many sailors use it on the turnbuckles and it hurts the threads on the swages

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