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cmj 04-07-2002 06:23 AM

Which GPS??
Hi there

I''m looking to buy my first gps (handheld) - I''ll be using it on a yacht, and as I live in Japan all the US-specific details & info are of no use to me. $100-200 dollar range, will tell me speed, heading, velocity made good, where I''ve been, waypoints etc - nothing too complicated.

Any recommendations?

Many thanks


Peter_pan 04-07-2002 05:05 PM

Which GPS??
Sounds like your on the right track.

hamiam 04-08-2002 05:18 AM

Which GPS??
I have had good luck with the Garmin 48. Easy to use, has all the features that you require, inexpensive, intuitive, etc. As the 48 has been disconituned by garmin you should be able to pick one up for around $150 from the likes of West, Defender, Landfall Naviagation, etc. Good luck.

mikehoyt 04-08-2002 06:46 AM

Which GPS??
I and several friends have had very good luck with Magellan 315. I believe it does all you require and more. It is reasonably priced.


VIEXILE 04-08-2002 11:14 AM

Which GPS??
I just bought a Magellan Meridian and, as with my antique Meridian, the screen fogs when you expose it to direct sunlight. Go Garmin.

Fran49829 04-09-2002 05:48 AM

Which GPS??
I have helped alot of people learn to use their GPS''s and as far as I am concerned ease of use is very important as is a clear display and I would buy a waterproof unit next time. I have a Garmin 45 and 48. The 48 is much superior, but it is not waterproof. I would look at the Garmin GPS 76 as it is waterproof and the buttons are on the front so you can see them. Most GPS,s I have come across are NOT user friendly except for Garmin. The 48 is great because it has a good display and is really easy to operate.

Jeff_H 04-09-2002 08:59 AM

Which GPS??
I agree with Garmin as well. I have three GPS''s, a Garmin, a Raytheon, and a Magellean. At least to me, the Garmin is far more intuitive to use and much quicker to move around to the various functions. My Garmin is an older model so the Raytheon seem to boot and acquire faster but it also has a rail mounted antennae vs the small patch anetenae of the other two. The new Garmins lock in way faster than my older one.

The only problem with the old Garmin is that although a dated, it is so convenient and so compact that although I have two other GPSs on board the I still carry it on board because I like the way it works and so I use it out in the cockpit rather than the built in system which I will probably continue to only use with the autopilot.


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