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HoffaLives 10-25-2007 06:06 PM

We're getting hosed
So what else is new? Of course it's a running joke among boat owners-the inflated cost for items to maintain and repair our boats. While we might get a sense that the retails/manufacturers are giving us the big willy, we also know that the materials have to be top notch, the environment they have to perform in is unforgiving, and production numbers are low, all of which drives up prices. I have no argument about this; it's the reality of boat ownership.
And then something comes along that shows some boys out there are screwing their customers, and yet we all lap it up with a smile.
I wonder why more hell isn't being raised? Maybe we're all rich or something.

But here's one example. The auxiliary in my CS36T is a 1980 Westerbeke diesel. ALthough I SHOULD say it's a British Leyland 1.5 litre tractor diesel marinized by Westerbeke. I've done some digging, and am surprised at the non-westerbeke parts I've been able to find.

Remember, the only parts that are westerbeke on this engine are the heat exchangers and manifold.

Complete top end gasket set for the BL 1.5 is $60.00 which includes shipping from the UK. I've been told that Westerbeke wants more than $300.00 for the head gasket alone. BL fresh water pump, $80.00. Westerbeke >$700.00. I just bought a set of four OEM pistons complete with rings for $150.00. I can only imagine what westerbeke would charge.
One guy priced out full rebuild parts at >$6,000.00 from Westerbeke. I'm sure I could get all the BL parts under $500.00.

The parts are all OEM, yet Westerbeke charges up to 10X the "normal" retail price for the same part. Why? because it's a "boat part". Because we will pay it.

Cruisingdad 10-25-2007 06:13 PM

Well, it is a pretty red color. That is worth something.

- CD

Sasha_V 10-25-2007 06:54 PM

Which is why, when my boat got completely stripped out and I thought, might as well have the Yanmar facelifted while it is out....I loaded it onto a trailer and took it over to our local friendly diesel mechanic and not a marine place. He set it up on a bench and ran cooling hoses to it. did a full bench rebuild...$450, thank you very much!

Quote from the yacht mechanics was around $3500, plus extras, and they would probably not be able to even look at it for two months because they were busy.

Think of it as a tax levied on the foolish and those lacking initiative and cunning.


geary126 10-25-2007 06:58 PM

Yes. This is bullsh_t. I'm officially POed. Why can't we find an importer,some diesel place in the US., who can / will import stuff without screwing us all (and keep 20% as a markup, something fair, as a tip?

RickLaPaz 10-25-2007 07:04 PM

We have the "Westerbeke" 12.5 generator, circa 1985. 5,800 hrs on it and still runs perfect. When we got the boat 4 years ago I tore off all the cooling parts, hoses, manifold, intercooler, thermostat housing blah blah. I got my first shock/clue on the costs of parts when I priced just the thermostat and a couple of molded water hoses. And it got a lot worst as it went. I researched on the Inter-Gore and then ordered stuff from Coast Auto---saved me big bucks. I did all of the labor myself which was actually enjoyable, plus it gave me a chance to figure her out. The best part was when she was put all back together with her shiny new coat of Rustoleum Crimson Red.


kwaltersmi 10-25-2007 07:13 PM

deniseO30 10-25-2007 08:43 PM

Marine silicone = $12-17.00 home center, same stuff = $3-5.00
5200 at Marine store about $17.00 Home Depot actually sells it about 7.00 I think, last yr I got some.

speaking of hose??? Ever compare "Marine" rubber hose to automotive?

Am I the only person that has noticed "other" sources for stainless bolts, screws etc. seem to be stronger than those from marine stores? Last yr I needed a new strainer for the head.. the $25.00 one is not in stock. but the Big Bronze one was. almost $200.00 box coverd in dust LOL special order again LOL Oh.. the big mystery on how bronze stuff is becoming "special order"? Bronze = gold

Did anyone bend over and pick up the soap by the door of the Marine store? LOL. (I didn't say that... blush)

CapnHand 10-25-2007 08:46 PM

Here's an example. I was thinking of getting a new starter for my Universal 5411 engine. The Universal 5411 is a marinized Kubota Z500.

Universal Starter $1,143.69 (Torresen Marine)
API Aftermarket Starter $261.80 (Torresen Marine)
Kubota Starter $99.95

Zanshin 10-25-2007 10:15 PM

This is even worse than aviation markups - one reason I ensured my racing glider is "experimental" - I can use normal parts and also do some work myself instead of hiring an A&E and paying outrageous prices for 'certified' hardware.

Sasha_V 10-25-2007 11:14 PM

Or something small and simple...

316 stainless bolts about 30% of DISCOUNT marine store price when bought at my local fastener supply place (bigger range too)

Monel pop rivets. DISCOUNT marine store charges $5.80 for bag of 6 or 8...Local fastener place charges $43 per 1000...but you can buy just one or two of them if you want.

low-loss plated antenna cable. 14 meters at chandlery $75....At Radio Parts $17.50 (Same product, same brand, same part number)

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