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Valiente 11-16-2007 01:11 AM

Link 2000 Battery Monitor
In my ignorance last boat show, I bought a Xantrex RS 2000 for my anticipated switch to 4 8D AGMs on the house bank and a echo charger on a separate starter battery. I say ignorance, because while I bought the SGM module, I didn't realize I also needed a battery monitor to give me drawdown numbers, remaining amp/hours and other good stuff I'll need to know while I'm charging, inverting and drawing at the same time.

This inverter/charger can't use the Link 10 or the other models at the low end; it's a Link 1000 or 2000 or 2000R. I am favouring the 2000 because I can then monitor the state of charge on the start bank separately, or even switch manually to monitor the windlass battery, which will be charged on its own charger on the boat AC circuit. Yes, it's a little "conceptual" at the moment, but can anyone comment on the Link 2000 (what's the "R" model do?) and whether it's worth the $500 ding? Thanks.

sailingdog 11-16-2007 02:20 AM


The 2000R has a three-stage voltage reg built in to control the alternator output and allow you to monitor the alternator output. I don't think it works with the RS2000. From the Xantrex website:


Link 2000 & 2000RThe Link 2000 instrumentation and control panel is designed for use with the Xantrex Freedom series inverter/charger and a dual battery bank. It displays critical DC electrical information for 12 and 24 VDC systems and allows for advanced setup of critical inverter and charger functions.
The Link 2000R offers the features of the Link 2000 plus a three-stage advanced alternator regulator and alternator output monitoring. (For use only with 12 or 24 volt “P” Field type alternators.)

I think the product you want is the Xantrex System Control Panel. IIRC, the RS2000 has their Xanbus, and the Link series of monitors aren't compatible with it...since they don't support Xanbus. I believe the SCP does the same battery monitoring and use measurements that the Link 2000 does, but also supports some additional features for the higher-end MS and RS inverter/chargers.

If the Xantrex SCP doesn't do the trick, then you might want to look at their battery monitor.

Edit: After looking at the Xantrex site a bit more, you should be able to use a Link 20, which doesn't require any specific battery charger. :D Also, the Xantrex SCP doesn't do battery monitoring, at least from what the manual seems to say.

sailingdog 11-16-2007 02:33 AM

BTW, the main difference between the Link 20 and the Link 2000 is that the Link 2000 allows you to control the Freedom series inverter/chargers and change the settings of them remotely. Other than that, and the voltage regulation on the Link 2000R, there ain't a whole lot of difference between the two.

Just curious, who told you that you needed to use a Link 2000R???

You'd need a separate monitor for the windlass battery though, since the Link 20 and Link 2000R only do two banks.

sailingdog 11-16-2007 02:51 AM

BTW, the Link 20 is about $330, the XBM is about $220, the Link 10 is about $250 and the Link 2000 is $375 and the Link 2000R is $650. The SCP is about $190.

The Link 20 is definitely the best buy overall, unless you have a Freedom series Inverter/charger, in which case spending the extra $45 to get a Link 2000 makes sense.

To recap:

XBM- 1 battery bank
Link 10 - 1 Battery bank.
Link 20 - 2 Battery bank
Link 1000 - 1 battery bank and remote control of Freedom series inverter/charger
Link 2000 - 2 battery bank and remote control of Freedom series inverter/charger
Link 2000R - 2 battery bank, 3-stage alternator voltage regulator/alternator monitoring and remote control of Freedom series inverter/charger

SCP - remote control of MS/RS series inverter/charger—no battery monitoring capabilities.

I hope this helps.


Zanshin 11-16-2007 07:15 AM

I've been going over the literature and it seems to me that the Link 2000 doesn't have a superset of the Link20.

sailingdog 11-16-2007 08:57 AM

The only difference that I can see is that the Link X000 series allows you to setup a Freedom inverter/charger, which Valiente doesn't need. So the Link 20 should do the trick for him.

CapnHand 11-16-2007 09:09 AM

Valiente, Have you spoken with Paul at Ontario Battery? I was very impressed with the products, service and advice I got there.

camaraderie 11-16-2007 12:54 PM

Val...why not just use a link 10 and monitor your house bank...then get a separate voltmeter readout for your starter batt which is all you really need there. Would save $ and complexity.

Valiente 11-16-2007 03:07 PM

Good suggestions, guys. I'll sum up:

1) I purchased an SCM module with the RS-2000. Only later did I realize that while it does a number of clever things, battery state of charge monitoring is not one of them. I don't think the Link 10 works with the RS series.

2) I could monitor both the start and the flooded batteries by putting a switch in the sensor wire, as they are both going to be flooded and charged separately from the house bank, which will be 4 8D AGMs treated as one massive 12 VDC battery.

3) The flooded start battery will be fed by the altenator, but could be switched to take charge from the MPPT hooked to the solar/wind if needed, or even a Honda 2000. But as I see myself running the diesel at least once a week, I don't see this as an issue. The flooded windlass battery will be charged by a 20 amp dedicated charger (the current installed WestMarine one, actually) that will be plugged into the house AC as needed, or into the Honda 2000, which, with an output of 8 amps, can charge the windlass battery relatively quickly.

3) The solar/wind will usually charge the AGM bank, but the RS-2000 can do this via shore power, or the alternator output can be switched if needed. I am attempting to minimize the need to run the engine to recharge when on the hook, although I am happy to do so when running under power. Hence the need both for a fairly elaborate set of switches and isolators/combiners, plus the need for accurate state of charge reporting.

4) I've considered that the easy way to do this is simply to hook a voltmeter to the start and/or the windlass battery, and I haven't ruled this out.

5) I will call Ontario Battery. Thanks for the tip. I wonder if they sell Northstar favoured form factor, because I could fit (after some minor bracing and carpentry) four tall, skinny 8Ds under my saloon steps, 12 inches from the Xantrex and less than 36 inches from my alternator...copper the thickness of one's thumb isn't cheap!

6) If this doesn't work, I'll call Xantrex. It's gratifying in a backwards way to find that you more experienced fellows are finding their technical information a little confusing as am I. Thanks!

sailingdog 11-16-2007 04:26 PM


Any of the Link battery monitors will work with the RS... but the Link 1000/2000 are more expensive since they have the ability to control Freedom series inverter/charger units. If you want to monitor two banks, get the Link 20, if just one, get the Link 10.

Think about it for a moment... why would Xantrex make a battery monitor that you couldn't use with any of the chargers it makes? That would be pretty stupid. The only real difference between the Link 10/20 and the Link 1000/2000 is the fact that the Link 1000/2000 can control the Freedom series of inverter/charger units... which the Link 10/20 can't.

I am still wondering what idiot told you that you couldn't use the Link 10/20 with the RS2000.

There is nothing in any of the literature or specifications that says you can't use the Link 10/20 with any battery charger. If you had a Freedom series inverter/charger, getting the Link 1000/2000 would make a bit more sense, since it can be used to control the Freedom unit... but there is absolutely no reason you couldn't use the Link 10/20 with the Freedom series units either.

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