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fishclan 04-29-2002 08:27 AM

Bottom Paint
If you have a thick layer of the Hard bottom paint, Do you think a person could hall the boat and sand the bottom a little and get another year out of the paint?

Pangaea 04-29-2002 03:10 PM

Bottom Paint
Hi fishclan,
First of all, if your hard paint is is still good, you wont have to haul. Hard paint releases it''s copper without the paint wearing away-you can have all paint but no copper! The paint can then be sanded ''til the cows come home but it won''t do any good, the copper is gone. So then, you will have to haul to re-paint.
With an ablative paint, the paint wears away as the copper is released- when the paint is gone, the copper is gone.
With a hard paint, each time you apply, you have to sand off the old paint or it will build up. If you don''t sand, sooner or later you''ll have to strip the bottom because there''s just to much build up.
Alot of sailers use hard paint because it''s cheaper, but when you have to pay someone to strip the bottom, there goes your savings. Some think it protects better but I think it''s a big pain. The savings aren''t worth the work.
If you can... haul your boat... strip it... and only use ablative paint.
You could apply ablative over hard but I suggest you get rid of the hard.
At any rate... good luck.


fishclan 05-04-2002 05:51 PM

Bottom Paint
Thanks Panagaea
I just bought the boat last July. I had new zinks put on then and I want to inspect them as I am not sure how long they will last. I guess I can see how well the paint has been doing at that time.


windship 05-04-2002 06:23 PM

Bottom Paint
Not a problem,glad to help.


P.S. I bought a new pc, now I''m ''windship''

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