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bderosa 05-01-2002 11:23 AM

Water system
I just purchased a used sailboat which came with only the engine manual.

My problem is that I do not understand how the water system works.

With a full water tank, if I turn a faucet on nothing comes out. If I turn on the water pressure pump, still nothing comes out.

If I am hooked up to the dock water supply I have good pressure which remains for a while after leaving my mooring.

How can I obtain water pressure away from the dock?? What am I doing wrong??

Any help woud be appreciated.

Thank you,


gnorbury 05-01-2002 01:29 PM

Water system
Hmmm, if I were you I''d start tracing out the plumbing and figuring out how it all works.

When you are unplugged from dock water you will need the electric pump to provide pressure for the water system. Start by checking if the tanks are full and whether the pump is functioning (sucking air, blown fuse, ???). Also check for a 3-way valve which might select between dock water and the onboard pump.


Shaman 05-05-2002 07:15 PM

Water system
Water on the water can be a delicate issue. First trace the system as you see it. I will {depending on the boat age} bet you have lines that you didn''t know existed.
Water systems must have anti-siphon loops {which shouldn''t but sometimes do} have air locks, {if not relieved} which will loop above the water line at a heel angle. Check for the three way valve, and see if you have a pressure accumulator in the system. If you have an accumulator {that gives you the temporary pressure} pump must be in line to replace the water you use.. Good luck


scottcallahan 05-30-2002 06:50 PM

Water system
are you nuts shaman there are no vented loops in a fresh water system.
i would open up every hatch in the boat and
follow the fresh water lines drawing it as you go. fill the fresh water tanks. check for
a valve in the line. if there is a valve near the presure water hookup, then turn it off. if there is one near the tank then turn it on. just to make sure check all hose clamps to see that they are tight, and not sucking air.
by the way vented loops are for sea water intakes and below wapter discharces. they are
used to stop water from syphening back into the boat. so therefor ventedloops are un needed in a fresh water system.
now strainers have a tendency to leak air. and are very comon in fresh water systems, before the pump causing it not to prime.


SHIMSHON 05-31-2002 03:25 AM

Water system
Does the fresh water pump cycle when you turn it on? Is there an accumulator tank in the system? Have you checked the in line filters to make sure they are clean of debris? Does your pressure switch on the pump work? Have you checked the in line valves-are they open? Just a few areas to check, assuming first of all that you have water in the tanks!

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