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GBurton 02-13-2008 09:00 PM

Good electric DA sander
Does anybody know if there is a good electric one available? I see lots of pnematic ones for sale but no electric. The DeWald 6" RA sander that I have is not very effective at removing paint from the deck.

jimmyb116 02-13-2008 09:12 PM

Porter-Cable 97366 6" Random Orbit VS Sander Kit its all about the tool

NOLAsailing 02-13-2008 09:15 PM


Porter-Cable 97366 6" Random Orbit VS Sander Kit its all about the tool
Yup - that's the one to get. In fact, I have two.

GBurton 02-13-2008 09:29 PM

Why is it better than the DW 421 that I have?

jimmyb116 02-13-2008 09:42 PM

Its is gear driven not direct drive so it doesn't stall if you lean on it and it has a bigger counter weight so it works better. I have both, the one you have is great for light sanding the other stripped the bottom of my boat in one day.

Maine Sail 02-13-2008 10:16 PM

I'm in..
Count me in on my vote for the Porter-Cable 97366 as well! Like my Makita 9227C buffer I have to agree it's all about having the right machine..

Quickstep192 02-13-2008 10:20 PM

On my woodworking forum, everyone says the Festool ROS is best, but it comes with a hefty pricetag. Here's my favorite sanding tip....

Use the vacuum attachment!!! Not only does it keep the dust out of your lungs and skin, it makes the sander work faster. Because it's sucking up the dust you just created, the sandpaper doesn't have to grind the dust over and over. As a result, the sanding goes faster and the paper lasts longer.

I learned this once when I had my boat at a yard that mandated dustless sanding. I was amazed how much more effective the sander worked with a vacuum connected.

GBurton 02-13-2008 10:26 PM

Thanks for the input! Jimmy - thats what I needed to hear.

jimmyb116 02-13-2008 10:34 PM

I had never seen the Festool ROS but after goggling it they seem very similar it also looks like a good choice.

brak 02-13-2008 11:33 PM

I am using Bosch 3107DVS - it is a 5" random orbit sander, but it worked great for all my paint removal projects. It's the only one so far that I can work with for long periods of time without getting too tired.

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