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PatWatt 12-08-2000 02:39 AM

We are purchasing a new suit of sails for our Tayana 37 and are contemplating installing a Dutchman system for furling the main. What are the pros and cons of this sytem?

wwilson 12-10-2000 10:59 AM


Me too. You may have already visited, but their web page does a reasonably good job of addressing the pros and cons. If you haven''t seen it, have a look at:
choose "Sail Flaking System".
Let me know how yours works out.

PatWatt 12-10-2000 01:28 PM

My biggest concern is whether it gets in the way of the storm trysail--I can''t see how it could not. Any thoughts?

wwilson 12-10-2000 01:39 PM

Hmmmmm! Very good point. No, I don''t know how that would work. I do know that depending on what system the boat uses, the controll lines can be dropped (via a halyard-style topping lift). Though in, or preparing for a blow, that is one more step one would rather not have to take. That sounds like a question you should e-mail directly to the Dutchman via their web site for an answer.


wwilson 12-10-2000 01:45 PM

Pat - a 2nd thought on the trysail. Don''t you sheet it to a cleat or other fastening aft on the deck, rather than the boom? Coming across the wind the boom is in the way, but it would be with or without the sail flaking control lines, no?


PatWatt 12-11-2000 01:48 AM

I have asked Dutchman the question, let you know what they say.

PatWatt 12-11-2000 01:52 AM

We''ve not yet practiced with the trysail, but I think its clew will be forward of the boom so in tacking it would come across the boom inside the topping lift. that''s where it seems to me it would need to be maneuvered in front of the Dutchman control lines (or lazy jacks for tha tmatter).

PatWatt 12-12-2000 01:04 PM

I heard from Dutchman. When installing the system "require the "A" system which uses a halyard style topping lift. The "A" system will allow you to lower the topping lift, and wrap it around the sail. This way, the system is out of the way. You will still need to run a separate track for the trysail."

wwilson 12-16-2000 11:31 AM

Pat, thanks for the post. I''m planning on putting one on a Hallberg-Rassy 39. The issue of compatibility with the trysail is certainly worth some attention at the time of installation.


newuser 01-07-2001 11:24 AM

Pat, we have used a Dutchman on our Tayana 42 for 12 years. It is the version with 3 verticle lines. We also have a full batton main. I mention these factors as they could effect Dutchman performance. Ours has been very good.It does require tightening the vertical lines occasionally as side force causes them to slip in the lower fitting on the main''s foot. This is the designed in safety so the lines don''t break. The System works well and does not require moving lines up to the mast as lazy jacks would. One issue to think about is , how do you use a storm sail? David

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