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sjacovino 05-16-2002 06:28 PM

Advice Bedding Teak
Boat Life caulk recommends using its primer on teak and other oily wood before bedding.

I am replacing my aft cabin sliding hatch tracks with new ones that I fabricated out of teak with brass strips for slides.

Does anyone know if it''s really necessary to use primer on the teak before bedding. I''m short on time to finish this project and the nearest boating store to get primer is an hour away.


mikehoyt 05-17-2002 04:28 AM

Advice Bedding Teak
I used 3M 4200 to bed my cabin sliding hatch tracks. Of course my only concern was ensuring water does not get into the cabin/deck via the screw holes. In my case the bedding compound was more for sealing then for adhering to the teak.

Main problem with this is that Teak Cleaners are reported to be bad for products such as 4200/Sikaflex, etc...


sjacovino 05-17-2002 06:02 AM

Advice Bedding Teak

Same situtation here. The caulk is mostly for sealing out water. Maybe this is a blessing in disguise since I will probably be taking the hatch slides off again next year to refinish the deck. Should have tackled the deck first but no time this year.


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