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randj65 05-30-2002 09:22 AM

1981 Honda 9.9, 4 stroke o/b, Idle problem
Last season, my first season as sail boater, had starting problem, 6-7 pulls. Replaced the fuel pump, past March. Motor now starts
1 pull, 2 pull max. Was able to motor from
winter storage to marina. Motor ran fine.

Have not left marina since then but have started motor each time I stopped at marina, 4-5 times. Last week, motor started normally but would not idle. Have not been able to idle motor since.

This problem coincides with connecting fuel line to metal line inside transom and also installing in-line filter between metal line and engine. Have removed metal line and filter,returning to original setup. Idling problem persists.

Prior to haulout, past Oct., had carburetor cleaned by Honda dealer.

mikehoyt 05-31-2002 04:58 AM

1981 Honda 9.9, 4 stroke o/b, Idle problem
I have 79 7.5HP Honda 4 stk. It was suggested to me that these sort of things can happen if air getting into fuel line. Something to check anyway.

Another thing pointed out by Honda technician. These motors do not like to idle at very low throttle. While they will do so it is not teh best thing for teh engine.



Starlite 06-18-2002 03:33 AM

1981 Honda 9.9, 4 stroke o/b, Idle problem
I have a mid-80''s 7.5 Honda, and two observations I''ve made:

1> It doesn''t like bad gas. Even a small amount of water makes it cranky.

2> This year, I found the rivets in the ignition/cam timing pulley had worn. The pulley is the small one driven by the belt. Since replacing it, the motor runs/idles much better, and is less noisy.

mikehoyt 06-18-2002 04:10 AM

1981 Honda 9.9, 4 stroke o/b, Idle problem
Just a thought. Is your fuel tank an original metal tank? Last year I replaced mine. When I checked the fuel in teh old tank there was a horrendous amount of rust in it!


larrywa 06-19-2002 10:59 AM

1981 Honda 9.9, 4 stroke o/b, Idle problem
ranj65; I used to have a Honda 7.5 that one day wouldn''t idle. The carb. float was stuck. A gentle tap on the side of the carb cured it. Be advised, you''re not helping your engine by running it at the dock in neutral. Any engine, gas or diesel, likes to be run under a load to really warm up and burn off deposits. At the dock, put it in gear and run it at a fast idle for twenty minutes at least twice a month.

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