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toplacsucks 06-05-2002 01:06 PM

Beware ....Toplac
Tried Toplac from Interlux.....Tech help was no help. Paint run too easy, expensive, and not readily available. The will tell you Europe lovesit but mostWest or Boat us stores do not stock becauseof customer complaints. Try Pettit ....easier people to work with.

INTERLUX 06-06-2002 09:00 AM

Beware ....Toplac
Hello. My name is Scott Himowitz and I am in the Marketing Dept at Interlux Yacht Finishes. For some time, Interlux has been monitoring these boards and we would like to thank all those who have given kind words about our products and product support. Both, we take much pride in providing the best we can. While we usually don''t comment about our products on these boards, we thought we should make note of a recent posting.

The posting above was posted by a Mr Lynch of Rock Hall, MD. Mr Lynch originally e-mailed us on the issues he was having with Toplac, claiming what he wrote in the posting above. We offered to help him in anyway possible to explore and resolve the issue. Myself, another member of our Marketing Dept and our Maryland Sales Rep. all spoke to Mr Lynch to try to resolve the problem. Mr Lynch, has refused all help from us, has not fully explained his problem to anyone here at Interlux.

TOPLAC has been successfully used in Europe for over 10 years and 2 more years here in North America. We have found excellent results with this product. While we are sorry Mr. Lynch has not achieved those results, he also has not let us examine his final outcome to determine if anything has gone wrong on the products part.

I won''t comment on his remarks about our Technical Service. Those who have experienced it first hand, know we provide the utmost professional and complete service of anyone in the coatings industry. We appreciate your calls and look foward to serving you even better in the future.

If anyone has any questions on any of our products please feel free to call our Tech Line at 1800-468-7589. The Tech Line is open Monday 9:00AM-4:30PM, Tuesday-Thursday 8:30AM-4:30PM, Friday 8:30AM-4:00PM Eastern Time. You can also e-mail your questions to us at We are always happy to help.

ndsailor 06-07-2002 08:02 AM

Beware ....Toplac
Used toplac for topsides and hull this spring with excellant results. It does go on like water, as do most linear polyurethanes, so one has to be aware of how to properly apply the paint. Now to see how durable it is....

MaryBeth 06-10-2002 09:24 PM

Beware ....Toplac

Dear Toplacsucks,

Why did you need Tech help? Can you not paint your own boat? Did you try to cut corners (because it was so expensive)? Did you try to use it for something it was not to be used for? Can you not read the directions? Did you attempt to talk to tech help and not give them the whole story because you were embarrassed of what you may have done wrong? Did you prepare the area properly?

Yes, Pettit is a good brand. No argument there at all. But Interlux is a good brand, also, with excellent tech help, in my experience. Let''s see - you painted the top of your, what, maybe a 30 foot boat. I''ve done over 50 boats with Interlux products. Tops and bottoms, varnishes, repairing blisters, etc.

Unless you want to give your whole story, bit by bit, allowing yourself to be open to criticism, don''t badmouth a product that has a proven track record. Please tell us your story, bit by bit, nothing left out. Then we may find creedence in your accusations.


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