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walt123 06-13-2002 06:40 AM

Best Outboard < 10hp
Looking for the &quot;best&quot; outboard under 10 hp, prefer two stroke and estimated price.
today is the 14th thanks for the input I am going looking for Nissan

Sailmc 06-13-2002 07:33 AM

Best Outboard < 10hp
I have a Nissan 9.9. It weighs 62# starts on the first or second pull and runs like a swiss watch. It is on it''s second season and started on the first pull after winter storage. I think it ran me about $1450 new.

jmedina2 06-13-2002 08:17 AM

Best Outboard < 10hp
ditto on the Nissan...I''ve had a 1991 5hp Tohatsu (made by Nissan) pushing a C22 for the last 3 yrs, has never let me down. It''s weight is apprx 20-25 lbs. I believe nowadays they run around $800

hamiam 06-13-2002 09:11 AM

Best Outboard < 10hp
I have the Nissan as well. Picked it primarily due to its light weight. Previously had a Honda 10 and a Honda 7.5; great engines, much heavier, 4 stroke, and much more expensive.

SailorMitch 06-13-2002 09:22 AM

Best Outboard < 10hp
I just bought a Yamaha 3 HP two-stroke for my dinghy and have used it a total of 30 minutes so far. Thus, my direct experience is a bit limited. But FWIW the research I did turned up either Yamaha or Honda as the most reliable. One fellow I emailed about a Yamaha called his &quot;the one pull wonder&quot; given how easy it starts. When I picked up the Yamaha, the mechanic who serviced it and showed me how to run it said when I left &quot;I probably will never see you again. That''s the usual case with Yamahas.&quot; That told me a lot. His outfit also is a dealer for Johnson and Evinrude I think....something like that. He told me the Yamahas come out of the box ready to start, but not the other ones they sell, which take lots of coaxing.

Also, with all due respect (I''ll scream if I see that again in an email), I think a Nissan is a rebadged Tohatsu, not that it matters. People I talked with either loved them or hated them (Nissans that is.) I also would be surprised if the Nissan 5 HP weighed 22 lbs. The Boat/US catalog lists it at 44 lbs for the 2 stroke, 55 lbs for the 4 stroke.

Oh......the Yamaha two-strokes use a 100:1 oil and gas mix, which is half the oil of others. Less polluting overall. I didn''t want to go to a 4 stroke because of the added weight.

soverel28 06-13-2002 11:59 AM

Best Outboard < 10hp
I bought a Nissan 9.8 last year and it
almost always starts on the first pull.
I bought the Nissan because it was the only
one that would fit on my boat that had a
25&quot; shaft.
And the weight for the short shaft is 59.4lbs
Paul B

harvh 06-18-2002 02:41 PM

Best Outboard < 10hp
I did a bit of research on this kind of motor and found that Tohatsu was the OEM manufacturer for many two stroke motors both domestic and international. I have owned a 10hrs and 25 hrs Tohatsu. Both were very good motors. The only thing you must do is run them totally out of gas when you are done with the motor. If you let them sit overnight, the jets can gum up leaving you with reduced power.

RichardElliott 07-01-2002 04:15 PM

Best Outboard < 10hp
The key to a dinghy engine is: stay away from four strokes because of weight. We are very happy with a Yamaha 8hp two stroke. Starts and runs beautifully.

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