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catalina30alyssa 06-06-2008 07:36 PM

Painting the Bottom of our Sailboat
Hi All,

We own a Catalina 30 Sailboat and are newbies to the sailing world. (We still have yet to learn how to sail!). Our boat is in need of a bottom painting, and has some blisters that will need to be repaired. Anyone recommend a good book for beginners that will help us know all necessary materials needed and special techniques for someone who has never done such a thing!?

Any advice is GREATLY appreciated!

Thanks boaters,
happy sailing,

Alyssa & Will

lbdavis 06-06-2008 07:42 PM

Hey guys,

Here's one to get you started. Quick and easy to use. Don Casey is the man on this stuff. You'll find the drawing are far better than pictures.

I'm sure you'll be flooded with more soon.

Welcome to sailnet!


sailingdog 06-06-2008 07:50 PM


A good book would be Don Casey's This Old Boat. IIRC, it will talk about doing what you need.

Basically, you'll want to strip the bottom, grind out the blisters, fill them with thickened epoxy, barrier coat the bottom, and then paint with anti-fouling paint.

You'll probably want to have someone sodablast the bottom, since it will get rid of all the paint down to the bare gelcoat, and be the most cost-effective way to do it IMHO.


Random Orbital Sander w/ 80 or 100 grit discs
Plastic containers for mixing epoxy
paint mixing sticks, for mixing epoxy and bottom paint
paint rollers (foam for epoxy and 3/16" for bottom paint and barrier coat)
Tyvek bunny suit (to protect you from bottom paint/epoxy/ground fiberglass
Full face respirator mask with VOC and P95 cartridges (same as bunny suit)
Nitrile or vinyl gloves (same as bunny suit)

Materials Needed:

Epoxy (MAS, System Three or West Systems)
High-density filler (Colloidial silica or cabo-sil is best for this purpose)
Interprotect 2000E barrier coating (or you can use epoxy, but I prefer the IP2000E)
Bottom paint suitable for your area

If you need more detailed info, please let me know.

Biblio 04-22-2009 12:27 PM

Just Wondering
Alyssa and Will,

How did the bottom painting job go?
I too own a Catalina 30 and will be doing the same come June. Refinished the entire interior in 07. Lots of work, but even my teenage son and friends commented.



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