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R33 06-25-2002 03:31 PM

Shaft Log Leak
Noticed a little less than a teaspoon of water beneath the shaft log hose at the end of the day. Sometimes none at all-may depend upon prop rotation/engine use . The hose is damp to wet aft the double clamps water is getting through. Pull the boat/watch and wait? Thanks for the input.

Jeff_H 06-25-2002 04:38 PM

Shaft Log Leak
Depending on the type of shaft log that you are supposed have an occasional drip at the shaft. This is what lubes the packing. With the slope of the shaft this water can drip aft and wet the hose. You need to figure out if this is a normal leak or something more serious by watching the shaft while it is turning.


R33 06-25-2002 05:47 PM

Shaft Log Leak
Thanks for the reply however the water is not leaking at the packing nut, which is the usual location. If memory is correct, we usually get a drop every several minutes between the packing gland and locking nut. Thats the same as always. Im noticing water further aft where the shaft exits the log and is surrounded by a hose about a 8 inches in front of the packing nut.

The exterior hose surfaces appear dry. The hose over the molded glass log at the bottom aft end is damp to wet at times. I dont see a trail of water along the exterior surafces of the shaft. Also the hose clamps are tight.

lecomte38 06-26-2002 06:16 AM

Shaft Log Leak
looks like something to put on your "next haul out" list. Please use the proper hose. It is about 15 ply stuff and isn''t too expensive.

VIEXILE 06-26-2002 10:28 AM

Shaft Log Leak
Back in ''99 I watched a completely refurbed, painted and ready to rock old Morgan 50 OI style launched for extended cruising here in STT. Next morning it was back in the slings. Within an hour of launch, the bilge was almost full. The shaft log is just a fiberglass tube, suceptible to vibrational stress. This one broke free on one side. It had to be completely reglassed and restrengthened. Would''ve been a real mess had they made the corner into the deep. If you remotely suspect your shaft log is the culprit, I''d suggest hauling, carefully inspecting the tube and, if o.k., replace the gland and packing. I know it sucks, but so does finding a travel lift off-hours.

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