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Mary51 07-04-2008 12:40 PM

Rocna anchor use questions
I'm thinking of adding a Rocna as a second or back-up anchor. (I have no complaints about my Delta, holds like a champ.) If I cash in my retirement account, I can almost afford it.

I'm concerned about hauling it given that people say it brings up its own weight in mud/whatever. Without a windlass, that could be a problem given I usually start with an anchor at least one size larger than recommended for my 31' boat.

Is its holding power so superior that I should be comfortable with using just the size recommended for a 31 footer?

Does it always bring up its weight in mud/whatever? And if so, has anyone found a way to work most of it off before hauling it to the deck?

Thanks to all who are willing to offer info or suggestions!


ArgleBargle 07-04-2008 10:21 PM

have a 20 kg rocna & ca. 60 ft of chain on a ca. 8000 lb 32 ft sloop that i haul up by hand or occasionally with a manual windlass. no problems yet, though i admit its a bit of a workout. doesnt bring up as much bottom as i was led to believe. have been very happy with it. stores ok on the bow roller.

sailingdog 07-05-2008 06:43 AM

I would go with whatever anchor is recommended for your boat on the Rocna size calculation guide. As I understand it, and Craig Smith can correct me if I am wrong, but their calculations are fairly conservative to start with. You'd probably be fine with the Rocna 15 (33 lbs.) and probably don't need to go up to a Rocna 20 (44 lbs.) but it really depends on what boat you have. If your boat is a lightweight 31' racer, then it may differ from what a very heavy, full-keel bluewater cruiser would need.

Maine Sail 07-05-2008 08:32 AM

I agree with Dawg..
the 15ks or 33lb is fine and NO it does not ALWAYS bring up mud but it does more often than not..

#1 Let the boats momentum break out the anchor..

#2 Drag it at very slow speed just bellow the surface of the water to clean it off before hauling up into the roller...

We anchored three times yesterday and only once did it come up fully covered with mud the other two times it came up clean..

P.S. We had three boat rafted yesterday, for about five or six hours, on our Rocna 15 in 10-16 knot winds on a very soft bottom. The total weight of the three vessels was around 50,000 pounds of displacement... While not a real test for the Rocna that's a lot of weight for a soft bottom and a lot of windage too..

Boasun 07-05-2008 10:20 AM

Now is there any teflon type product that would allow the mud to slip right off? Always use a fire or garden hose for cleaning the anchor. And would such a product interfer with the holding power of an anchor?
I know that this sounds like a very dumb question, but there are newbies out there wondering if spraying their anchors with PAM would make it any easy to weigh anchor.
Me?? I would still opt for a high pressure water hose and not use any form of said products.

Mary51 07-05-2008 01:44 PM

Thanks, all.
Thanks for all the info. Argle Bargle, you make me look like a piker in the conservative ground tackle department! I doubt I could haul all that without a windlass.

My sloop is 10,500 lb displacement, 31'. My Delta is 35 lb., and I have 50' chain followed by Brait. When I've got the funds, I'll buy the 33 lb. Rocna.

My boat is a Cheoy Lee Offshore 31. Like Daisy, bless those poor guys, but not a ketch. Also no extra, added ballast in the form of concrete in the bilge (possibly per letter in Latitude 38). I refer to the cockpit as the "back 40."

Don't run. Heave to. Don't run. Heave to . . . (My big following seas mantra)


SVAuspicious 07-05-2008 06:22 PM

Hi Mary.

You have picked the right size anchor off the Rocna guidance. Remember they use metric tons (MT) of 1000 kg. A MT is about the same as a long ton (2240#). You have lots of anchor capacity between your boat and the 10m, 8 MT limit on the Rocna 15.

I've been sailing with a Rocna 25 on my 12m, 10 MT boat for two years. In Chesapeake mud I always bring up a good amount of the bottom. I think what you have to deal with depends on the bottoms in your normal cruising grounds. In sand it is now big deal. In the glue we call mud around here it takes a deck wash and (sometimes) a boat hook to clear it.

In my opinion all that mess is an indication of holding power. I'm happy with my choice of the Rocna and wouldn't hesitate to make the same choice again.

sail fast, dave

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