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KenD 07-01-2002 05:33 AM

washer dryer combo
this weekend while having little or nothing to do I was looking at the catalogs and came across a picture of a marine type washer and dryer the same machine does both jobs and was wondering if any out there have experence with them you know reliability current draw an load capacity Im thinking of using it in the cottage by the shore HarHar (oops) there a little bit of pirate in us all. however any information is appreciated

MaryBeth 07-01-2002 10:54 PM

washer dryer combo

Don''t have the exacts, but do know they have a VERY small capacity (maybe a fourth of a normal washer). They do suck the power, but are meant to be used with either a generator or dock power. If using it in a cottage setting like you say, with a generator or otherwise consistent source of power, I don''t know why a unit of this type would not work for you, but it may be very costly. The setback would be the price and the capacity. If using a generator or am able to convert to regular power, you could very easily get a washer/dryer unit meant for a constricted space (one where the washer is on bottom, the dryer is on top) for much, much less money. It would not take up that much more space. And if using it with a generator, the one piece land unit would be much more bang for your buck. But, if 12 volt is your dream, by all means get the unit, damn the price and capacity.

<Have said "How in the heck am I supposed to get all this laundry done in this?"

Fair Winds,

KenD 07-02-2002 03:59 AM

washer dryer combo
thanks MaryBeth the one I looked at used 115v AC power and will do eight pounds of clothes for about a thousand dollars checked into the front loader type stackable combo for about 1400.00 the conventional top load with dryer type are more reasonable but fresh and grey water are the problem not power also my thinking was that something build for life at sea ie rolling pitching etc. would be more inclined to stay in one piece and in working order a lot longer,ah well it was just a thought. it would be interesting to know how well they hold up thanks again.

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