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dwyergreen 12-22-2000 01:39 AM

Bottom Paint for Racing
I own a Freedom 21 which I will use for Wed night racing. Last year I used ablative bottom paint, and boat is in the water from about April to November. Should I even consider a hard racing paint, and if I use it, how fast will it slime up in the Chesapeake Bay (or better put, how often should I figure on scrubbing?).

RichH 12-22-2000 07:50 AM

Bottom Paint for Racing
To keep the slime off your hull in the Northern Chesapeake .... Next time add oxytetracycline crystals to your bottom paint. Either get it from your veterinarian or buy it (called "compound-X"). If you can, make it even finer (powder) by pulverizing the crystals with a mortal and pestil. Will only last one season.
Also ... get your ablative bottom paint as absolutely as smoothe as possible by either applying with a roller, then fill-in all the ''roughness'' with a plastic trowel OR by spray application ... then wet sand ..... as a smoothe hull will better shed the slime when the boat moves through the water.
Most of my fellow racers use sprayed-on "Balto-plate" in the Ches. I use Micron CSC.
The real "slime-time" occurs in late September when the bay ''turns-over'' all its nutrients .... and sorry but at that time of year you have to scrub.
regards, RichH
----- berthed at Worton Creek.

express 12-22-2000 02:07 PM

Bottom Paint for Racing
Do you recall an Express 37 from your area called Beep Beep

RichH 12-22-2000 03:42 PM

Bottom Paint for Racing
Absolutely! three slip away from mine. And they sprayed Balto-plate.
And where is Dan now ?????

dwyergreen 12-23-2000 02:11 AM

Bottom Paint for Racing
Interlux has a new product called Ultra with ummmmmm biotex? biocide? biosomething.... That claims to eliminate slime. I was thinking of trying that instead of the usual copolymer. I think it''s new, which explains some of the sale pricing I saw in West Marine a couple weeks ago.

express 12-23-2000 03:27 AM

Bottom Paint for Racing
Rich H
I did not meet the owner. I was looking to buy an Express and Beep Beep was for sale with J Boat it the time. I was told he wanted to buy a J 105
Bill S

ensign195 01-01-2001 04:41 AM

Bottom Paint for Racing
I used the new Micron Ultra last season.
Still had the same slime buildup as the regular Micron. It''s not worth the extra $.

I sail off New London CT. Long Island Sound

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