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Okalani 07-19-2008 12:06 PM

Do Oberdorfer Pumps self Prime?
Just swapped out my impeller (Universal 5416 / Oberdorfer seawater pump). All put back together and no water coming out the exhaust...I'm going back down today to try to prime the intake hose...any advice or similar experience out there?
Another possibility is an air lock preventing the priming and to loosen the impeller face cap slightly to let the air escape...any thoughts would be appreciated...thanks!

deniseO30 07-19-2008 01:15 PM

Last Year I went through just what your experiancing! I have the same engine and pump. yes the pump wll self prime. I found the problem was the gasket between the cover and housing is very thin, The PO had used carboard or something, I tried gasket paper.. too thick also. Finally I got wise and got the right gasket from a nearby ships store. I also got a new cover plate. That fixed it!

A few things I learned:
Make sure you remove the impeller by removing the little snap ring first. If you pull the shaft out it will be easy to change the impeller but you will ruin the seal on the back of the shaft. Then you need to replace that too. (you should anyway) Also, while your working in the system. ck the anti-siphon loop. Mine was open and water was by-passing the muffler. Featherman diesel sells the new pumps with an o ring instead of a gasket. a great idea!

You will find the pump pulls the water right up the hose from the bottom of the boat through the strainer with no priming necessary. (you do have a strainer on the intake.. right?)

good luck hope this helps!

Okalani 07-19-2008 02:18 PM

any tips on checking the antisiphon loop? got the factory gasket...need to check strainer for clogs...thanks for the reply

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