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Warren M. 08-30-2008 01:59 PM

Yanmar Problem Solved...
Yanmar problem solved...
Some time ago, there was a thread going here about "fuel polishing." A friend of mine who has a Pearson 28-II with the same engine as mine -- 1986 Yanmar 2GM20F -- decided to have this fuel polished by a mobile polisher. This was an expensive proposition (+/-$400), but he thought it would clean out his tank and improve the quality of his fuel. Up until that time, he had had no fuel related, or any, engine problems. After the fuel polishing, he experienced a number of engine failures, usually after the engine had been running for some time. He got a lot of experience with getting towed back to his slip. He also lost confidence in his boat. He keeps his boat at a marina that has an authorized Yanmar mechanic, who he engaged to find the problem after he and I tried a number of things that didn't fix it (i.e, replaced both filters a number of times, blew out the fuel vent, checked the mixing elbow, pulled and inspected injectors, removed the screen on the fuel uptake tube, etc.). The Yanmar mechanic (+/-$80 an hour) also tried a number of things to fix this vexing problem of the engine quitting just when you need it. To make this long and windy story less so, it turns the problem was that the fuel polishing loosened a lot crud, but did not remove it, that would slop around in the tank and eventually clog the fuel uptake tube. Once the engine was shut off and the boat settled for a while, the engine would always restart. He has since added a fuel tank access port and his tank has been scrubbed clean. No problems since...

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chuck711 09-01-2008 09:39 PM

Cheaper to replace Tank
I own a mobile marine service in New Bern,NC. I've found on older boats thats it quite a bit cheaper to just put a new tank in rather then cut access ports and try to manually clean out the crud. Also sometimes by the time you remove the debris you'll likely develope a slight leak. For a small boat
such as yours a new tank is around $300 + 6 hrs labor and the job is done right. Also I'm not a fan of Fuel Polishing on small tanks that can be replaced as you'll never remove the crud below the pickup tube.

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