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elklakedoug 09-13-2008 08:45 PM

23' Pearson Ensign restoration - hull #1195
need to restore the exterior hull - keel paint, paint all. Keel is in good shape, with a few scratches from the mooring along the hull and have never done any of this work before - need input/help!

1. Best way to repair the gelcoat from the scratches?

2. What should I do to sand down the keel and the hull to be repainted?

3. Recommended materials? (west marine? or ??_)

Looking for advice - as a novice..

thanks - Doug

elklakedoug 09-13-2008 09:58 PM

getting help
can you refer me to some websites to learn about this? Thanks -

sailingdog 09-13-2008 10:58 PM


Lots of threads on both restoring a boat and restoring a paint job on this forum. I would highly recommend you do a bit of reading in forums before continuing. Also, would highly recommend you read the POST in my signature to help you get the most out of sailnet. Welcome to the asylum.

As for websites... this one has a lot of information on it... so does the West Systems site.

For materials, I'd recommend getting your epoxy from MAS epoxies or System Three, since they make a "blushless" epoxy that is a bit easier to work with, and less likely to trigger an allergic reaction.

kgs113 09-13-2008 11:28 PM

Pick up some of the books by Don Casey. Lots of good info in there. Get a West Marine catalog. Lots of cool stuff in there. Lots of other places to order as well. When I go to my local West Marine and ask a question they open the catalog. I can do that in my reading room. Lots of chandeleries on the net. Any local ones in your area? Also, when a product says marine its 50% higher than the identical product that doesn't say marine.

Gel coat can be repaired. Color matching isn't fun.

Find out what bottom paint is on the boat. it may not need complete removal to be repainted- just cleaned up. If you do sand the dust is hazardous. Protect yourself. Good mask and cover up. Marina may not let you do a lot of sanding there.

NOLAsailing 09-14-2008 12:29 AM

sander06 09-14-2008 07:08 AM

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