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lans0012 09-25-2008 12:11 PM

Outboard for Ranger 22
Hey y''all. I bought a Ranger 22 a couple of weeks ago and I don't like the Nissan 3.5 that came with it. It runs great but has no reverse gear or external fuel tank. Sometimes I like to just get out and motor around so the dinky little tank doesn't do it for me.

I'm conisdering a Tohatsu 5hp 4 stroke and a yamaha 4 hp four stroke(both 20" shaft). Both are around $1200 new at the stores around here in St. Pete. My Nissan is 40 pounds and the Yamaha and Tohatsu are approx 50 pounds.

I've heard that different manufacturers rate their horsepower differently. I even heard that a 4hp four stroke might have less power than a 3.5 two stroke.

Can anyone clear this up for me?

Oh and I use the boat for day sailing but I want to be able to get back upwind home if I get caught out in the bay in highwinds or a storm.

Boat weighs 2200 pounds dry.

tommays 09-25-2008 12:27 PM

All outboards are rated at the porp

I prefer older 2 strokes BUT if going new there is 4s or nothing :(

The big issue is all the single cylinder motors vibrate really BAD compared to the older 2 stroke two cylinder motors but again it is all there is

I own the last 4hp single cyl 2 stroke Tohatsu made and the vibration is so bad you have to play with the RPM to find a smooth spot

There is a pretty limited amount of porp pitches BUT there is one size down from standard that will push the boat a LOT better

sailingfool 09-25-2008 02:24 PM

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You won,t do the sailing performance of the boat any favor by adding more weight to the back end. I think replacing a good 3.5 2 stroke OB would be a bad use of money - buy a new jib or something that makes for a better sailboat. Have you figured out a good exterior spot to securely stow an external tank?. Back when I had a 22' with a 4HP OB, I used to just turn the engine around for reverse, worked better than in reverse gear. Your money I guess... In terms of useability, whatever OB you have should first and foremost be a long shaft.

In terms

lans0012 09-25-2008 02:41 PM

Good Point
Thanks for the replies. Good point. I'm not exactly sure how much an extra 20 pounds hanging off the back would affect my what ways would that affect performance? Slower, reduced pointing ability, something else? I would spin it around but the transom is sloped forward and it is quite a reach to the motor....and I have a beer belly:)

You are right about the money though. I could buy a stereo, GPS and a Jib for that almost. The next owner will definitely not appreciate the $1200 put into the motor, but I might, and the girlfriend will definitely will appreciate not having to push the boat out of the slip.

sailingfool 09-25-2008 02:56 PM

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You might try one of these extensions, may ease use of the OB, there are some with a joint which might make turning the engine around easier...

The 20 pounds will cause the stern to squat some which will slow th eboat, but not enough that you'd notice in daysailing...if you were to race seriously you;d need to go to a 2HP and even then, keep it down below...

tommays 09-25-2008 05:21 PM

With trying to get a 900# crew i have never found the outboard to be a BIG deal ;)

sailingdog 09-25-2008 05:31 PM

One other point... Tohatsu makes the small outboards for themselves, Nissan and Mercury IIRC.

US27inKS 09-25-2008 09:55 PM

I crew on my friend's Ranger 22 during our regular race series. He has a little 2 stroke with an integral tank that we keep stowed below. I can't imagine where we would put an external tank. The cockpit is pretty small. Besides that boat is so easy to sail in and out of the slip, we've never felt the need to pull the motor out. The only reason he keeps it on board because we get a little break on the PHRF.

sander06 09-26-2008 06:25 AM

With all due respect to the preceding comments, this isn't an exceedingly complex issue. Buy your 5-HP outboard and go sailing. You'll have a decent little outboard and power to get back home when the need arises. Good luck with your choice.

Aeolis 09-26-2008 07:51 AM

I would have to agree, i have a 5hp mercury on my ranger 22 and it moves around pretty well with it. I also had the same problems with the shift levers being so far away, the previous owner of the boat made a little pole with a little metal tab on the end of it to grab the shift lever. Ive used it a few times and it works pretty well but i still normally resort to hanging off the back to shift. i dunno, u may prove to make more use of it. For the external tank issue, when not in use, i keep it stowed beneath the opening into the cabin with my anchors. So far the 2.5 gallon tank has been more than adequate to get the thing in and out of the marina multiple times, and chugging around the bay.

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