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dpoperngr 09-07-2002 12:25 PM

Gel coat vs epoxy for hull
Redoing a 30 year old fiberglass hull. Marina
has done questionable gel coat over bare stripped hull. I was told that gel coat will allow encroachment of moisture and that epoxy sealer should be done instead. Anybody know what I should be doing?

JeffH 09-08-2002 08:12 PM

Gel coat vs epoxy for hull
I am assuming that you are discussing topsides. For topsides you have a choice of linear urethane paints (awlgrip) over epoxy or gelcoat over vinylester if you are trying to achieve a high degree of impermiability. For below the waterline you have the choice of vinylester or epoxy with epoxy making the more long term repair.


dpoperngr 09-09-2002 09:35 AM

Gel coat vs epoxy for hull
Hey Jeff, I''m doing hull below waterline. The Marina has already put gelcoat over bare hull. What should I do? Call it good? Can I go on top of the gel coat with epoxy?

JeffH 09-09-2002 09:50 AM

Gel coat vs epoxy for hull
I am not sure what to tell you to do. If the marina was redoing your bottom because of blisters, chances are the new gelcoat will be even more pourous than the original gelcoat. If that is the case then I would think that the blisters would return in short order.

Probably if I were in your shoes I would apply something like Interlux''s barrier coat system.

Good luck,

dpoperngr 09-10-2002 12:40 PM

Gel coat vs epoxy for hull
Thanks Jeff. I really apprciate the help and advise. Smooth sailing!

windship 09-10-2002 05:33 PM

Gel coat vs epoxy for hull
This may be kinda late but mabey check-out the string from 18 and 19 Feb. 02 of ''gear and maintainence''


Edboat 10-29-2002 12:48 AM

Gel coat vs epoxy for hull
You might want to keep in mind that all epoxy barrier coats are not alike. You want to find one with the lowest moisture perm rate. We found a coating called Ceram-kote that is an epoxy with ceramics in it and it is tough as nails.

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