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bobbosax 12-26-2008 09:13 AM

Adler Barbour Water Cooled Refrigeration

I have a Adler Barbour Water Cooled Refrigeration system. Whenever it comes on, for about 30 minutes four times every 24 hours, it draws between 35 and 40 amps while it is on.

Needles to say that's a lot of juice taken out of my batteries.

Is this normal? Can anything be done to improve this high electrical consumption?

Any advice is greatly asppreciated!

camaraderie 12-26-2008 10:27 AM

Not normal. My water cooled pump draws less than 5 amps and adler barbour compressors typically draw in the 4-6 amp range.
Need to know exactly what you have in terms of pump and adler barbour model AND refrigeration (two compartments or one? cold plates or evaporator?) to be of much more help. Also where are you located as tropics will be much different than up north?
What you are describing however is 2 hours of daily runtime for a total amphour usage per DAY of 80 amphours or so. This is NOT at all unusual so you may just have a massive load compressor which runs very high amps for much shorter times than normal.

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