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bluwateronly 01-27-2009 07:58 PM

vang attachment
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Hello sail guys and gals, time to rig up a boom vang. I have a Bombay Clipper31 with mid boom sheeting and a boomkicker but no vang. The issue I am struggling with is the attachment parts to the boom and mast. Seems like on the boom a boom bail such as the pic would be okay but putting a big hole in the boom is not my first choice maybe the hound style would be okay? Now the mast, no way am I drilling a big hole thru the base of my mast to attach a bail, no way. I thought about putting a mast organizer or mast step under the mast but, they all seem to be stainless and the people that built my boat put an aluminum mast step, which makes sense to me, I don't want my mast corroding to dust so putting a stainless steel step won't work. One idea would be to mount heavy pad eyes into the mast step, it's got lots of room about three inches all around mast. I know that the stresses put on the bolts will be putting an upward pull on the bolts so I don't think that is best either. Can you all give me some more options.

Faster 01-27-2009 09:39 PM

There are other options, but of the ones you've cited, attaching something to the plate that forms your mast step seems best to me... Keep in mind that these fitting can end up being heavily loaded and should be chosen and installed accordingly.

There are fittings available, too, that fit into your extruded sail track on the mast if you have an appropriate mast section. The drawing below is an attempt to illustrate one version... perhaps it will help you to see what I mean.

bluwateronly 01-27-2009 10:05 PM

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Cool move Faster, looks like that could work. I was worried that the track could not handle the load of a vang but, thinking about it with the right hardware that could work, wonder if it should be made out of aluminum:confused: : Also when I get around to running my lines aft I think the big mast step I have would be good to mount padeyes for the blocks, I think drilling and tapping into the step with heavy hardware for the blocks to connect to would be better than putting a stainless mast step under my mast. Here is a pic of my mast and step sorry it's bad but I looked through a bunch and this is the best one:o
PS you can see the marks I made for the boomkicker (it's itstalled now), the vang needs to attach lower to get the right angle to the boom.

Faster 01-27-2009 11:10 PM

Good pic, Blu... the fitting I described could easily slide right down to the mast step plate.. the bar/rod that makes up the in-the-track part is of course drilled for the bolts shown. If the back of the track is drilled for overlength bolts then the fitting cannot slide under load either. It's also important that the outer section properly overlaps and 'clamps' the edge of the sailtrack extrusion. Your section is quite a teardrop shape by the look of it so take care that that outer section fits well. Otherwise there's a potential for the inside bar to squeeze itself out of the track. In other words don't rely on the strength of the sail track extrusion alone.

The one negative I see is, if the bar cannot slide down past your gooseneck and boom kicker fittings, you'll need another exit slot on the track.

If you have access to a machinist these parts are easily made (we've done that) and I think Sparcraft produces cast aluminum versions. The beauty is that if properly selected and installed this type of fitting gives you a solid attachment without drilling holes in bad places.

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