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superiorvoyager 02-02-2009 08:54 AM

Mobicool, Soft Cooler
This is probably a dumb idea but I am wondering if anyone has used the mobicool soft cooler or something similar. These are the soft coolers that plug into a cig. lighter on your car. They are really cheap so my thought was to take the cooling unit and install it in my ice box on the boat to make a cheap 12V fridge. At around $50 it seems like a good idea. Don't know how many amps they pull though.

sailingdog 02-02-2009 09:20 AM

The coolers that use a Pelletier type cooling mechanism don't work very well IMHO. You'd be much better off getting something like a small Engel portable refrigerator. Most of them can work off of 110VAC or 12VDC, so you can pack it the night before, plug it in at home and have it chill everything down, plug it into the car to keep the stuff cold on the way to the boat, and then plug it into the boat to keep it cold all weekend long. The amp draw on some of the smaller ones is probably comparable to that of the pelletier type cooling units, but the Engel's more efficient compressor based system can actually keep stuff FROZEN. BTW, I have the MT 27 unit installed on my boat.

superiorvoyager 02-02-2009 11:16 AM

The Engle portables look great but at that price I could buy an ice box conversion kit for less.

bene305 02-02-2009 06:16 PM

Last spring, I bought a mobicool soft cooler. I removed the cooling unit from the bag and installed it on the lid of my icebox (more than 6cu.ft.). This unit is running full time when my boat is at dock, it's powerful enough to cool the icebox form 10 to 15 celcius down from the ambiant temperature.
Also, the ice last longer with that cooling unit. This kind of cooling unit as a very low efficiency so it could be hard on the batteries.....but at dock, it's fine.....for the price!

superiorvoyager 02-03-2009 10:43 PM

Thanks. I might give it a try. I wonder what the power consumption is since the main time I would be interested in it is when I am not at the dock.

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