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Grey 01-06-2001 12:58 PM

Ericson - Water Damage To Interior Teak Paneling
I have an Ericson 30 that has water-rot damage to a number of the doghouse teak panels inside the cabin. I have just begun removing these teak plywood panels with the intent to replace all of them and and rebed the portals. It appears the plywood was bonded to the doghouse fiberglass during boat layup.

Has anyone else done this type of repair and can give me some advise?

Also, would anyone (including Pacific Seacraft) have templates for these pieces and a forward bulkhead under the anchor locker (I know I am dreaming)

noctaluca 01-10-2001 06:46 AM

Ericson - Water Damage To Interior Teak Paneling
I have an Ericson 35 and have recently replaced the main bulkhead just aft of the head. The bulkhead was rotten from years of water leaking in from the chain plates. I also have water leaking in from the toe rail, and handrails. I have fixed the chain plate problem and am working on the latter two. I recomend finding and fixing the leaks first before you put in lots of time fixing things just to get them wet again.
I do not have any leads on templates, but have found some easy ways to make them up.
I used the cheapest,thinnest 4X8 sheet of anything that home depot had. In my case it was particle board with a smooth side, like the backing on cheap melamine shelves. I then cut out the old bulkhead and placed what was left of it on the 4X8, and cut a rough template. Once the template fit loosly into position I then cut 5" X 12" strips of the template material. I slid these strips allong the edge of the template until they rested into position against the hull. Once in position I secured it to the template with duct tape. I cut the template perimiter 1/4 inch shy to allow room for glassing in the hull. If you want more info on how I glassed it in please e-mail me. I need to go right now.
Good luck
Bill e-mail

Grey 01-13-2001 06:05 AM

Ericson - Water Damage To Interior Teak Paneling
Thanks for the response and ideas... will give them a try. I think my water damage came from the portals and the anchor locker itself. Chain plates appear to be in good shape, but will look a bit closer...

For my repairs, I think I will have to build a skaffle and run it in the center of the cabin and wedge firring strips to hold the teak panels against the doghouse so the resin can cure...
Will be fun... Thanks again, and I''ll keep you posted if I find something that really works (or doesn''t) well.

Still cheaper than a psychiatrist!

munchimike 01-19-2001 03:34 PM

Ericson - Water Damage To Interior Teak Paneling
AHOY!! I''ve done a lot of template work in my day and the quickest is to cut up cardboard , lay it aganst the hull, tape it together then lay it up on your laminate..(doorskins).....chisel the old stuff off, seal all end grain ,reglue with TWO part polysulphide, install pressure pads where necessary.....Rev. Mike

eknebel 01-21-2001 02:23 PM

Ericson - Water Damage To Interior Teak Paneling
I have a 1980 ericson 30+, and am stopping leaks in the forepeak. the anchor locker is not sealed from the inner headliner/bulkhead in the forepeak. While rebedding/recoring the bow pulpit stanchion bases, I removed the anchor locker well, and fiberglassed the gap where the headliner and forwardbulkhead meet. With that gap sealed, even if the stanchions or anchor well leaks, it wont come inside, just down into the bilge.

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