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j34035 03-13-2009 08:29 PM

martec feathering 2 blade prop
Do any of you have experience with one of the Martec 2 bladed feathering (not folding) propellers? I see the 3 blade on their web site but not the 2 blade. I have seen a used one for sale, but have no personal knowlege of these props. Thanks!!

Faster 03-13-2009 08:36 PM

We had one for years on one of our boats... it was getting old and setting up some vibration as the gap where the blades fit had opened up some... In the end we replaced it.

This was not a geared model, so occasionally only one blade would open. This set up a horrible wobble that felt like the strut was going to be torn out. We got into the habit of spinning it briefly in reverse before going forward - seemed to prevent that. The geared types ensure that both blades open together - I believe Martec makes a geared model too.

Slippery while sailing, need to be rotated to a vertical axis to ensure that a blade is not hanging down at slow speeds, and questionable reverse (a problem with most folders, not just Martec) - since we were no longer racing we were quite happy with the 3 blade Campbell prop we replaced it with.

j34035 03-13-2009 08:46 PM

This is not the folding, rather the feathering, very similar in appearance to the Maxprops. I have also the folding Martec, and have experienced the same issues you talk about. They are good performers, but I have always had a bit of vibration with them. I have owned 4 different boats all with Martec folding props in sizes from 14" to 18". My current is a 16"14P on my J/34c.

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