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tommays 03-27-2009 08:00 PM

My Interlux Perfection Recall FUBAR
I am sure you have read my various posts about my mast painting project gone badly because of a bad second can of snow white perfection.

I have to say first the Long Island area rep has been a godsend because the NJ HQ is being as evasive as possible about how much paint is bad

I can tell you that you canít even buy Matterhorn White at West Marine as it has been pulled and there are more bad cans of Snow White than you can believe

So here it is Friday and I am trying out the 5th dam can of paint to see if it will work, they finally found a supply of paint from April 08 that has the same lot # as my first can that seemed to work and I sprayed the spreaders to do yet another test and they came out good BUT

And there always seems to be a BUT because of the damage the bad can did all the primers and paint stripper were replaced and I had to go to bare metal re-sand the mast and apply the Prime Wash and epoxy primer which has killed about a week.

The big BUT is the new primer dried with a gloss and when the rep dropped off the good perfection today he felt there was and issue with the primer that would have to be resolved on Monday

So I had to test spray anyway and the Perfection went down fine on the spreaders which were prepped differently BUT does NOT work correctly on the new primer

So I have to wet sand 35í of mast again on Monday while they try and figure why the second can of primer dried with a gloss when it should be FLAT

I have painted a LOT of stuff with two part poly over epoxy primer and i am so freaking confuse right now it is like a never painted a thing in my life

The only thing keeping me going is from all the hardships i had when i use to build and paint my brand of bicycle

Painting this mast has been more of a PITA then spending 3 years learning how to build and paint a bicycle that people would pay me money for :eek:

scottfree 03-27-2009 08:15 PM

I was almost going to use Perfection last year when I re coated the topsides of the Tartan 30. The boat yard put me on to Awl-Craft which is a more forgiving version of Awl Grip. I was exceptionally pleased. FYI, I found it available through CarQuest Auto Parts. They beat the pants off anyone else price wise too. They cater to paint shops wholesale and carry the boat stuff too but this may only be in certain markets.

The Perfection looks like a great product. I watched all the videos and almost went that way. I'll be watching for the resolution to your issue.

tommays 03-30-2009 07:31 AM

I thought i would give it a bump with the paint collection hard to believe it started with 1 quart

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