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huguley3 04-08-2009 12:21 PM

Exterior window trim
So my indecision about what to do with my windows continues on. :) I got a an estimate from a local plastics place that making 4 new windows that I could flush mount to the exterior would be around $300 so the price is pretty good. I had an idea that I kind of like the way the frame adds some trim to the exterior. Basicially a 1 inch white border. I asked the plastics guy if he could add a similer faux window trim and he could but it would pretty much double the price. The nice thing about the extra plexi is that it would add some strength and allow the screws to be sunk in a bit and out of the way of catching on things. The price kind of nixes that idea though.
Sooo I thought maybe I could just put some paint on the outer 1 inch of the window while the protective plastic was on the window to make a nice sharp edge. I have some extra awlgrip that matches the rest of the trim on the boat so I could take it as an opportunity to add a bit more color. Any thoughts on doing something like that? The only extra is my time to scribe the coating and paint it on after roughing up the surface a bit. The rest of the trim on the boat is yellow and I don't think I have ever seen another boat with anything other than white or just an sharp edge on the flush mounted plexi. Any thoughts on whether it would look funny or "non-nautical"? I took a pic and photoshopped in sort of what it would look like. Note that graphics are not among my skills so its pretty crude. It occured to me that the other windows don't match it but maybe I could put a thin line of yellow on them to make them match a bit closer.

I could always wait until the next time they leak. :) I just figured as long as I had them off and the protective coating was on the plexi it would be a good time to add the trim.

Faster 04-08-2009 01:57 PM

A couple of thoughts.... I'd probably not rely on the protective plastic as a masking medium for your painted 'frame'... suspect the solvents will do away with that quickly with rather unsightly results.

Plexi is notoriously difficult to paint anyway, i.e. getting the paint to stay put. You'll definitely need to sand/rough up the surface first, but even then....

I see the effect you're after, though, and it may well look OK if you can figure out how to do it in a way that will stick. Maybe vinyl striping tape stuck on afterwards?

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