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BigMoe 04-14-2009 10:30 PM

CruisAir system freezing up on heat cycle
I have a 2009 Beneteau with two CruisAir air conditioning/heating systems. My problem is they are freezing up in the heat cycle. The sea water temperature is around 55 degrees. I cleaned the intake strainer. Both units definitely have water flowing through them and out the through hull. They will not give me more than 60 degrees Fahrenheit. The salon unit is getting a thick layer of ice on the compressor unit. Air is flowing out of the vents at full speed. Help!

Thanks, Big Moe

MJBrown 04-14-2009 10:47 PM

Moe, the icing is normal in the heat mode. In your house the unit has a sensor that detects the ice and puts the heat pump into a reverse cycle, thereby melting the ice. The units on boats do not have an auto defrost mode for when they ice up. The only fix is to switch over to the cool mode and set it for about 60 degrees. It will take a few minutes but you'll be able to see the ice melt off the coils. Once it does go back to the heat mode and you'll be fine. Keep an eye on it periodically and do a defrost when the coils start to become blocked. One tell tale sign is the heat output will drop off.
PS we have our new 43 October Moon at Glenn's as well. We're over on the pump out dock on the Winter's side of things.

jason3317 04-15-2009 07:35 AM

One other thing to try is slowing down the fan speed, if you have the ability to control the fan manually. This might prolong the icing cycle. You may also supplement the reverse cycle heat with a plug in ceramic heater, especially when plugged into shore power.

BigMoe 04-20-2009 05:37 PM

Found the problem with Air Conditioner/Heaters freezing up!
Hello Fellow Sailors::D
I isolated the problem with the help of an air conditioning repair person supplied by my boat dealer, Winters Sailing. Both of my units, on my new Beneteau, had globs of Silicone jammed in the "Condensing Coil". The repair person tried his best to unclog the units but to no avail. I hooked up an air compressor to a 1/8" stiff poly propeline line about 6 foot long. I slowly and carefully fed it into the condensing coil through the water intake line until I hit the clog. I then gave it about 100 PSI and kept moving it in and out until the silicone broke up and it went through the system. I suspect the silicone was used on the clear rubber intake hose somewhere between the intake and the units.

Heat Finally!

Thanks to everyone who helped me.

Big Moe

jbad 05-13-2009 12:34 PM

Ok, so you guys are trying to heat up, while I am trying to cool down!

I recently bought a Beneteau 473. I live in the Middle East (Dubai) and to be understated, it is getting hot....and this is just the start. Temperatures over the next few months will climb to 120F, or 48c. Not really a problem while sailing, as you get used to it, but as you can imagine even thinking about going down below or having a nice dinner in the cabin while moored is out of the question.

I have been checking the web and I am looking to install air conditioning for when we are moored in the marina.

Any advice on manufacturers, size or cost? I really do not want to get into a lot of installation since it is only will be used when at the dock, when we are at the boat, which is only on the weekends, at best.

Is portable the way to go? I have shore power and it seems that this may be the simplest, but storage may be an issue, unless we leave the units on the dock with the guys.

Any advice is welcome.



camaraderie 05-13-2009 10:29 PM

jbad...a 473 is completely unsuitable for portable. will need somewhere over 20,000 Btu's and probably 2 units to keep the boat cool.
I would suggest a 16k unit for the main cabin and a 6k unit for the master stateroom.
You will need through hulls for the installation so will need to pull the boat.
The work is not at all hard and if you are reasonably handy, you can do it yourself. Lots of good companies...Marine Airr makes a fine product and offers good support among others.
This will not be cheap...but portable will be a waste of money in my opinion.

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