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ksmo62 11-16-2002 07:56 AM

I''ve recently taken my boat out of the water for the winter and have noted that everwhere I had a fender I''ve lost the gloss on my new dark blue awlgrip finish. The gloss is even gone on an area where I had a fender that did not rub against a dock. The boat is kept in fresh water and washed weekly. I''m wondering if anyone else has had a similiar experience as I had been under the impression that this is a very hard and durable finish and should be able to take a clean fender rub. Gary P.S. by the way the paint job is only 6 months old

Jeff_H 11-17-2002 06:18 AM

Awlgrip is pretty tough as paint finishes go but no where near as scuff resistant or dueable as gelcoat. Awlgrip is actually quite soft for the first year or so that it is on a boat. It gradually gets harder with time, that said it is easily marred by prolonged scuffing such as might occur with a fender. Most people with awlgripped hulls try to avoid situations where fendering is necessary, use terry cloth protectors on their fenders and frequently clean the terry cloth after useage.

Now for the bad news, while there is a slight chance than the dullness is simply rubber from the fender ground into the surface of the awlgrip, (in which case a mild non-abrassive detergent should wash the dullness away) it is more likely that you have abraded the surface of the awlgrip. While the color goes all the way through the material, awlgrip actually cures into multiple layers each with their own unique characteristics. The upper most layer is the hardest, most UV resistant portion of the paint layer and creates most of the sheen and moisture resistance. When that layer is gone there life of the Awlgrip job is greatly shortened. Using abrasive waxes or polishing compounds may temporarily return the shine to the damaged areas but they also shorten the lifespan of the finish by removing some of the surface layer.

Sorry to bring the bad news.


R33 11-17-2002 06:43 AM

Awlgrip, while beautiful when new , is ''easily'' scuffed, scratched, and in the case of dark colors, the contrast between the primer and topcoat makes matters worse.It can not be ''compounded -out'' as with gel coat.

My boat was awlgriped 6 years ago, and despite the use of terry cloth fender covers, still shows scuff marks. I would NEVER use a rubber fender directly on an Awlgrip finish, without a cloth cover. Also, Awlgrip is difficult if not impossible to repair. The dark colors are clear coated, and that gives some additional protection. Once damaged..your out of luck.

The company makes specific products for paint care such a awlwash, and a new protective buff- on finish, awl-care. I dont think either will help you at this point.

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