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dangerdrew 07-14-2009 06:15 PM

Are these reasonable Haul out fees?
Hi everyone,

A couple buddies and I just bought an Ericson 27 and are about to haul it out for a survey. While it's out, we're going to put a new bottom coat on it. We plan on doing all the work ourselves because a) it's cheaper and b) good experience. It's our first boat, so I just wanted a quick opinion on what we were quoted (southern California area):

$144 for the actual haul out
$118 to pressure wash
$3/ft/day for storage (~$75 a day, no free days)
$50 for every gallon of paint we bring ourselves
$54 for a hazardous waste fee

The engine doesn't currently run, so we're pretty much stuck with the yard in our marina.

Thanks in advance for any replies!


ps. I searched the forums and didn't find anything that directly answered this, but that might have been due to my own inabilities! apologies in advance if there are already a million posts asking this =X

scottyt 07-14-2009 06:21 PM

the 3 dollars a day seem nuts, i paid 125 a month iirc for a 27 footer

the haul and wash is not bad, the 50 per gallon is not normal but hey you only need one gallon ( at a time :) ) so its only 50 bucks. ask em if can haul off the waste and not pay the other 54

Vasco 07-14-2009 09:18 PM

Not too out of line. I think most boatyards really make a killing on the power wash. I was surprised that most of them charge $3+ for pressure washing, usually about a half- hour's job.

Snboard976 07-14-2009 10:17 PM

At the end of 2008 I paid $10.45/ft for a short haul plus 3.55/ft for the power washing. It was on the north shore of L.I. I felt like I was being robbed, then I found out the cost of winter storage.

I would expect you to have to pay some type of fee for the paint. If you used their paint that fee is built in to them overcharging you for crap paint.

The hazardous waste fee seems funny because you won't actually have any hazardous waste if they do a good job painting. You can offer to dispose of the empty paint cans, trays and brushes yourself. Their is probably a much cheaper way to dispose of that stuff and it would be funny to hear their response when you offered to do this.

I wonder what they charge for a week or a month of storage on the hard during the summer.

4.37/ ft for power washing seems steep. I would shop around. I found a 100% difference in winter storage prices within a 15 mile radius so they aren't all the same even though they are all overpriced. Some yards will let you paint which will save you some money and give you the confidence that a proper prep and paint job has been done, but they are few and far between.

danjarch 07-14-2009 11:16 PM

Couple of questions. Why do you have to haul it for a survey. Why do you have to have a survey right now. Why not fix the engine first. Also the marina sounds like one that going to get you ten ways from sunday. I don't know if you asked or not but does the $144 cover the trip back in or is it $144 each way.

I would call around and check the other yards and prices. I'm willing to bet you can find a better deal. That $50 for paint you bring is shady in the worst way and if your paying $3 per foot per day then you should be in the work space and that should include the waste disposal. I could see requiring a deposit to make sure you don't leave waste behind but requiring a flat fee sounds funky.

Even if the engine isn't running you can tow the boat somewhere else, but unless you have a really compelling reason to haul before you fix the engine, I would pick that first.

dangerdrew 07-15-2009 12:34 AM

Thanks for the responses everyone, greatly appreciated.

We need the survey to get the insurance which is required by marina (in the next couple of weeks.) I called and asked and the insurance does require a haul out for the survey. We figure since we're going to have to pony up for the haul out, we may as well get the bottom painted (it's been a few years). My buddy did the calling, and he didn't catch if the $144 was one way or both. I think I'm going to call tomorrow and see if they give me the same numbers.

We're currently working on the engine (we think a water pump will do the trick), but i'm a little wary to fire it up without checking the propeller and all that first (haul out makes that pretty easy too.)

I think the "master plan" is to get it out and do the bottom paint/blisters now and any through hull fittings that need replacing (crosses fingers for none). Spend the summer working on above water items. Then in the winter haul it out and do whatever is left (I'd imagine it would be a lot cheaper). We're still new to the whole boat thing, so if we're doing something stupid, feel free to let me know, I won't be insulted. That being said, we're pretty excited to get our hands dirty and get our girl back into tip top shape.

GaryHLucas 07-15-2009 12:38 PM

If you are in New Jersey power washing is about to get VERY expensive. On September 19th I believe the new ZERO discharge rules go in to effect. Marinas will now be required to capture all water, NONE may go back into the waterway, and if a laundry list of hazardous chemicals are reduced below a certain level you'll be able to discharge ONLY into the sanitary sewer.

I'm in the waste water business and I was working on this issue with the marina that my boat is in. The marina was sold and I spoke to the new owner about it. It is apparent that they haven't a clue. This is going to hit the industry like a bombshell.

The reason I got involved is because the former owner was a member of the NJ marina association. Varoious companies were demonstrating different technologies to the group, and as of January NONE of them worked! We could do the job with the technology we use (embranes), but it would likely cost way too much to process such small quantities, yet the hauling costs for zero discharge are HUGE!

Gary H. Lucas

Jeff_H 07-15-2009 01:01 PM

The fees quoted seem absurdly high, at least based in my experience hauling my 38 footer in a yard in the heart of Annnapolis. My last haul included a haul and block, powerwashing, 45 days out of the water, lifting the boat so the rudder could be removed and resetting the poppets, lifting the boat so the rudder could be re-installed and resetting the poppets, and the launch and suspension in the slings for a leak check on the new thru-hulls and with tax was still less than $1,000.

Here is a link to the fee schedule at the yard I used...Eastport Yacht Center - Annapolis, MD - Marina Yard Fees for Your Boat or Yacht


SailKing1 07-15-2009 02:24 PM

My last haul was in April 08 and the charge was $11.00 per foot. Included trip both ways, power wash, block and 5 days in the yard. I sanded and repainted the bottom with 2 coats. No other charges. I think they normally charge $15.00 per day yard fee for each day on the hard but because of my short stay they let me slide. I also docked at this marina. I think the fee for boats not docking at the marina is $15.00 per foot for haul wash and block and $15.00 per day in the yard.

jgeissinger 07-15-2009 07:07 PM

You are in Southern California. These are not unreasonable fees. You are right in doing the bottom while it is out, you won't have to touch it for a few years if you use a monthly dive service. Obviously the yard wants you to buy paint from them, so unless you have a killer deal on paint, go ahead and do that and avoid any extra fees. Just out of curiosity, is this at LB Shipyard? Have you tried Colonial?

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