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RookieHunter 12-03-2002 05:57 PM

Conduit in Mast
I was working on my lights thinking that the bulbs were blown in the mast light. However, when I removed the light fixtured, I found that the wire had broken and fallen in the mast. There is a piece of 3/4" PVC conduit inside with the wires. I can see the end but not reach it because it is too short. Can you open the mast somewhere and pull the conduit out to service it? Is this connection under the top cap? Is there an easier way? It is a z-spar mast on a 23'' hunter.

RookieHunter 12-11-2002 07:36 PM

Conduit in Mast
Any help? Can I also add that the wire is pretty tense right now. When the halyards move within the mast, does it ordinarily move the lighting conduit around or is it stable. The boat is in my driveway with the mast down, so it''s hard to tell what it will do.

DelmarRey 12-11-2002 09:01 PM

Conduit in Mast
Assuming this is a running light, and your mast being un-steped. You should be able to access the wires at the foot of the mast. If there is a cap at the foot, it needs to be removed. When you get that far try pushing the wires back up the conduit. If that doesn''t work you''ll have to pull the wire all the way out and start over by running an electricians fish tape down from the light fixture, thru the conduit, and then attaching the wire to the fish tape then pulling it back up the the fixture. While the wire is out it would be a good time to replace it if it shows signs of corrsion. Be sure to use marine type tinned wire if replaced. If this light is at the mast head it would be good to remove the mast head also. If your not good working with metal you might want to take this to a specialist. The mast head is a critical part of your rigging and should be reinstalled properly.
As for the conduit it should be secured to the inside of the mast some how. Your halyards should not effect your wires........Del

DelmarRey 12-11-2002 09:05 PM

Conduit in Mast
One more thing. Try fishing for the wire with a piece coathanger with a sharp hook formed on the end or a scissor catch....Del

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