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deniseO30 10-09-2009 11:09 AM

Slimed again!
The 2000E barrier coat that is now 1.5 yrs on the boat is great! I've always used generic bottom paint (wm) and that's mostly still on the bottom too. there are areas that have peeled off due to the non stick qualities of the barrier coat. Easy to fix by spring.
The prices of some bottom paints are way way up there and I've never seen a river moored boat without slime build up. Some of the racers really spend big $s on VC17 and others types of high end bottom coatings. But, by season's end.. we are "slimed" :laugher To give you an idea how slimey our river is; When a trailered boat is left at the dock a couple of days.. it's already slimed!

Is there really any bottom paint that will prevent this?

US27inKS 10-09-2009 11:32 AM

I don't know of any bottom paint that will completely prevent slime. Some are a little better than others, but I think they all slime to some extent. The difference seems to be how easy the slime comes off your bottom. I think the slime comes off some of the more expensive bottom paints a little easier than the cheaper stuff.

Your paint should not be peeling off the 2000E. If it is, the most likely cause is the cheaper generic bottom paints adhesion quality, or the finish surface of the 2000E. I have 2000E on my boat, and I paint with interlux micron extra. A good coat of bottom paint lasts me 2 years, and I have no peeling.

zz4gta 10-09-2009 11:35 AM

After a week, I have a complete coat of slime on my boat with vivid bottom paint. I'm at the mouth of the Potomac and it fouls pretty bad down here.

sailingdog 10-09-2009 11:54 AM

Unfortunately, even biocide equipped bottom paints won't prevent slime formation... and the barrier coat shouldn't be a problem for the bottom paint adhesion, provided it is prepped properly.

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