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jetdrvr393 10-27-2009 07:36 PM

Leaf Stains
I pulled my boat and it has been in my driveway, not covered up for the last week while I get it ready for winter. Duringthis time some leaves have fallen on the topside and left some stains. What will take these off? I was able to get some of it off with a rag and water and will try the pressure washer but is there a product that will get rid of them completley?


heinzir 10-27-2009 09:57 PM

My boat has a 6" layer of leaves over the entire deck and cockpit right now. I'll blow them off with a leaf blower this weekend and clean off the stains before I cover her for the winter. I've always used Simple Green for this with good results.

jetdrvr393 10-27-2009 11:12 PM

I tried a bit of simple green, it took some of it off but not all of it. Do you have to scrub it or do you let it soak for a while? I was thinking of trying slimey grimey (oxalic acid).

heinzir 10-28-2009 12:19 AM

Let it soak for a while, then scrub, scrub, scrub.

T34C 10-28-2009 05:54 PM

Try a little toilet bowl cleaner on a brush to remove the leaf tanins.

georgefmys 10-28-2009 10:50 PM

A very good product for this is Star-brite Nonskid Deck Cleaner.It comes with a flip-up spout,cause they want you to use entire bottle! Put in an empty sprayer,brush off anything loose, then spray on a few times,leaving wet then scrub with white Scotch-brite. Works every time.

CalebD 10-28-2009 11:51 PM

Have you tried white (clear) vinegar? Let it sit for a while before scrubbing.

RichH 10-29-2009 10:04 AM

If dead leaves have stained you boat, it means that your gelcoat is now porous (for lack of wax, etc.) and the tannins from the leaves has entered the porosity of the gelcoat.
Best remedy to remove tannin staining (on deck, etc. as well as the tannin waterline 'mustache') is to use any cleaner with Oxalic Acid. Will INSTANTLY remove the stains. Oxalic is found in many cleaners or cleansers (dont rub a cleanser on gelcoat - just apply and let soak) - BarKeepersFriend, Zud, etc. etc. Oxalic Acid (in crystal form) is sold in most paint & hardware stores as "wood bleach", etc.

zz4gta 10-29-2009 10:57 AM

pressure washer. :) comes off quick.

Liquorice 10-30-2009 10:51 AM

Last spring I used Tilex bathroom cleaner for the first time.
I didn't have leaf stains but I did have those annoying little black mold spots.
$6 and the best looking deck I've ever achieved.
Probably not as environmentally friendly as some cleaners (...has bleach in it) but works beautifully!
sam :-)

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