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HorizonHunter 02-01-2010 05:02 PM

Bottom Job
I bought an Ericson 29 in August of 2009, and I am in the process of getting it ready for the summer season. This boat is sitting in a fresh water lake.

What happens if you do not get your bottom painted?

I realize that it will allow algae to easy grow on the bottom and reduce speed and performance, but is that all that will happen?

When I first bought the boat I dove in the water and used a soft brush to remove all of the algae from the bottom. When I was doing this I noticed that some of the bottom paint was coming off in the water. I know that the paint used on the bottom is very toxic. Is it dangerous (due to the toxic paint) to remove algae this way?

I have received quotes from boat yards around Lake Travis in the neighborhood of $2 grand for a bottom job. Does this price sound reasonable for an Ericson 29 applying 2 coats?

mitiempo 02-01-2010 05:27 PM

If sailing performance is important you should paint the bottom. But it's not a complicated job and easy to do yourself. The paint is expensive but total cost with rollers, trays, and cleaning products should be about $300 or so for a boat the size of yours. In addition there is the haulout charge and powerwash which most marinas have. So you should be able to save well over $1000 doing the job yourself.
It is also a good time to inspect the through hulls, rudder bearings, cutlass and prop.

DwayneSpeer 02-01-2010 06:08 PM

bottom paint
Not having a good bottom paint will allow all kinds of stuff to grow on your bottom and will really slow you down. If you aren't racing or care about how fast you go then don't worry about it. However it will increase your fuel costs if you motor very far.

If you get a bottom job, whether or not you do it yourself make sure the paint is designed for fresh water if that's where you moor it. I didn't do that for my last job and was more concerned with the color of the paint and now it seems that I have to get out and push when I go sailing. Boats that I passed easily with good paint now pass me. Stuff grows over night and really drags me down and I can't wait until I get it off and good paint on this Spring.

As far as being hazardous related to scrubbing the bottom in the water, don't swallow it and shower when you get out of the water!

$2000 sounds a bit high to me. Get other quotes and make sure what paint as well as how many coats they are quoting. Two is a minimum for most paints.

nickmerc 02-01-2010 06:38 PM

Doing a bottom job is time consuming, but not very hard. I did 30' boat in 5 days. I removed all of the bottom paint down to the barrier coat and patched the damaged parts of the barrier coat. I spent a little less than $1K. It also allowed me to closely inspect my thru hulls and rudder up close. It's like working on your own car, you get an up close look at your vehicle and are intimately familier with it. Plus, you will take the time to do it right while the yard wants to get as many boats done in as little time as possible.
Glass bubblers

mitiempo 02-01-2010 06:41 PM

I agree with nick and hate to pay for what I can do myself.

HorizonHunter 02-01-2010 08:28 PM

The marina that I am currently docked at does not provide a haul out service. The few marinas that actually can haul the boat out, don’t offer a spot in a boat yard to do maintenance.

I have found many websites for marinas on this lake that offer all the services I need, but when you call them... They will refer you to someone else or some other marina.

The only place I have found on Lake Travis TX that said they can do it so far is:

Lake Travis boat repair, boat rental, boat slips, Jonestown, Austin, Easy Street Marina, 512-267-4289

Through them it would be 2 grand or a little over 2 grand once it’s all said and done.

If anyone around Austin Lake Travis area knows of a haul out service that offers an area to put the boat on stands please let me know.

CaptainForce 02-01-2010 08:38 PM

My last bill for a "bottom job" ,- pressure wash and paint (trindad 75) for my 41' ketch was $1,200 and I stretch this with my own cleaning to once every three or even four years. Be cautious with the DIY sanding of the bottom. If you sand through the barrier coat, you can trade an impervious hull for a crop of blisters! Growth on the fiberglass hull only slows it down when it's present. There's no harm in cleaning ans scraping off the growth while in the water to save some money. 'take care and joy, Aythya crew

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