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josrulz 03-18-2010 09:01 PM

Teak enclosure - latch recommendations needed
Hi all,
I'm planning to install a teak panel/enclosure for our stereo and VHF above a shelf in the nav station. I'm a novice woodworker, but I believe I can keep the project fairly simple. Because of the configuration, it would not be possible to set up the panel on hinges. So at the minimum, I would like to install it with some sort of latch at each of the 4 corners so I can remove the panel easily (and over and over, as needed).

Optionally, I would also consider using machine screws, if there's a simple and common way to install a nut on the opposite side. Just so long as I'm not using wood screws, I'd be satisfied.

Can anyone recommend a latch or machine screw configuration that will hold the panel securely, is easy to install, and makes the panel removable?


sailingdog 03-18-2010 09:44 PM


You could embed t-nuts to receive the screws.....

Another solution would be to use the PYI made fasteners. They make special fasteners for floor boards that would work nicely, but they're pricey.

josrulz 03-18-2010 10:03 PM

Ahhh just looked up those PYI fasteners. Very nice. That is indeed basically what I was referring to. Although I do see what you mean about the expense--with the needed bits, etc, plus the fasteners. Quite clean though.

T-nuts might be the way to go, simply because the price is right. Are t-nuts a Home Depot sort of thing, or do I need to order them? Sorry, I'm really new to this stuff...

bljones 03-18-2010 10:13 PM,52800&p=40361

If you want a really clean look, you could avoid fasteners altogether and rout a rabbet in the bottom of the carcass for the face plate to rest in, held in by a full width cleat on the top of the carcass. make the face plate shorter than the overall height of the carcass, drill a finger hole to allow the face plate to be lifted up to clear the rabbet, then pulled down and out to clear the cleat at the top.

sailingdog 03-18-2010 10:28 PM

Wouldn't use the ones from Lee Valley, as I don't believe they're stainless steel. :D Try here instead.

Omatako 03-19-2010 12:20 AM


Originally Posted by sailingdog (Post 582495)
Wouldn't use the ones from Lee Valley, as I don't believe they're stainless steel. :D Try here instead.

Those are 304 grade so actually only marginally better. The others look plated?

Is this thing that you're making going to support the radio or is it just a cover? If it is just a light cover it may be easier just to use Velcro.

scottyt 03-19-2010 01:20 AM

try looking at jegs, the auto parts place they have a wide selection of quarter turn fasteners, not sure about stainless.

or look at the latch that gemini cats use for the lockers on their boats, you might be able to adapt them. you might even be able to get them from performance sailing direct, so no shipping.

they are shown a few times in this vid
YouTube - Gemini catamaran walk-through

bljones 03-19-2010 08:06 AM

SD, I'd be worried about stainless if it was an exterior app, or an interior app constantly exposed to air. Neither is the case here.

deniseO30 03-19-2010 08:32 AM

It may a bit much advanced to make but a tambor would work nice for an enclosure like that. it's a roll up thingy made of slats.. like you see on big old roll top desks. they can be bought from places like but not in teak i'm sure.

Cable Tambour - Rockler Woodworking Tools

bljones 03-19-2010 08:42 AM

Cool idea, denise.

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