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helmsman66 02-19-2003 07:49 PM

RVG Windvanes
Anyone have a manuel for these things?

fourknots 02-20-2003 06:36 AM

RVG Windvanes
I''ve owned two of them and know a fair bit about them. What do you want to know?

ABullard 02-20-2003 09:51 AM

RVG Windvanes
I also have a RVG on my sailboat and the manual to go with it. I would be glad to mail you a copy.


What is your opinion of the RVG? Mine came with the boat and I have not used it yet. It needs a little maintainence. Do you know where one can find spare parts? The former owner swore by it. He sailed the boat to Tahiti using it and said in 7 days of continuous sailing he never had to touch a thing.


sv Columbine

fourknots 02-21-2003 07:21 AM

RVG Windvanes
The RVG is quite a workhorse. My first one disintegrated due to dissimilar metals and I found a newer one to replace it with. Our boat had lots of weather helm, so it was important to offset that with the ship''s rudder, but unless the wind changed and therefore the weather helm, it was great. One six day trip from Panama in 30 kts hard on the wind sold me. I don''t think I ever really adjusted it. It is very powerful. Even downwind it was great. However, I did modify it a little. The key to a good windvane is getting out as much friction as possible. I replaced one of the worn out bronze bushings with one of nylon. Had it made at a machine shop in Mexico.

Their weakness is corrosion. Nothing can be done except to try to isolate metals with teflon pads or tubes. Since it''s only 4 screws to take it off, it''s best to remove it if you won''t be using it for awhile. The second one I bought was in better shape and I scrounged a few parts off of the old and rebuilt it. It worked even better because it had a larger rudder (many were custom fitted). There is no source for parts - I''ve looked everywhere. When you see a used one, grab it. I paid $150 for the first one in Mexico and had to rebuild it (mostly bushings made at a machine shop). The second one was $300 and in very good shape.

Good luck.

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