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renbluefish 04-09-2010 02:52 PM

Listing to starboard
Just got our 32' Chris Craft 1969 in the water, we had to reseat the chainplates due to leakage. We noticed last year the boat was listing to starboard and thought it was gear storge issues. Now with the boat empty and on our way to the hook noticed a little more to starboard.
Question is when we adjusted our shrouds back to original markings, we may have added to the misalignment of the mast and added to it. Would the mast make the boat list so. I believe they are called shrouds or stays there are three to each side, one forward and aft.
We can loosen a turnbuckle one at a time and tighten the port side on a calm day to see if it brings her over to even.
Just looking for advise.
First in the water.

sailingdog 04-09-2010 03:41 PM

What I would do is measure the distance from the masthead to each side first. If the main halyard is centered in the masthead truck, or close to it, you can get an idea if they shrouds are the same length or not. If they are, then the list you're seeing is because the boat itself is unbalanced.

Please note, that this is not all that unusual, even with the boat empty, because the boat is not symmetrical in terms of gear and such. The galley and the nav station are usually on opposite sides of the boat, and as such aren't necessarily going to balance each other out.... so your boat may have an inherent natural list to it. The water tank, fuel tank, holding tank and batteries are other items that could easily cause this.

renbluefish 04-10-2010 01:38 PM

thanks sailing dog we'll run a tape up and check the measurements. We are going up the mast next week to replace the mast head light. That makes prefect timing.

hellosailor 04-10-2010 06:23 PM

ren, with anything that old it is very possible that the original baot was modified and the list is from extra equipment, or even someone removing a ballast sometime over the years. (Yes, sometimes boats are built lopsided and some lead glassed in to balance them.)

So...maybe you can move some tankage? Batteries? Chain locker? and if all else fails, add some ballast where it does the most good, or add some batteries on that side to get more for your money. :-)

renbluefish 04-10-2010 07:57 PM

thanks, we'll check the measure to make sure, and probably add some lead. The boat was a salvage at one time so it is possible something was changed.

Bene505 04-11-2010 01:10 AM


Originally Posted by renbluefish (Post 591335)
thanks sailing dog we'll run a tape up and check the measurements. We are going up the mast next week to replace the mast head light. That makes prefect timing.

You could use a halyard that's already in place, instead of climbing the mast. Just make sure the top where it exits the mast is playing fair with what you are trying to do. Drop the halyard until it just touches the starboard side, then swing the halyard over and see if it "just touches" the port side.

(I see this "Listing To Starboard" thread isn't a political thread.)


hellosailor 04-11-2010 11:06 AM

"The boat was a salvage at one time "
That explains a lot, it could easily be the extra weight of extra repairs done on the low side.

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