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T37Chef 04-11-2010 08:38 PM

Engine Mounts/Bushings/Isolators - Alignment?
Where to start...

The cutlass bearing has failed terribly, probably due to poor alignment :rolleyes: It did enough damage to the shaft that I will be replacing it along with a new coupler, tranny saver, and engine mounts/bushings (I think the mounts were/are the culprit). While I'm at it I am going to install a PSS Drip-less and a Spurs Shaft Cutter.

I have done a cutlass before, no biggy there. The tranny saver & coupler shouldn't be a problem either, but would certainly welcome any tips. What I am not as comfortable with or know much about is replacing the engine mounts followed by the alignment process.
  • What/where do you buy a mount/bushing/isolator? Using the Westerbeke 50 part # I went to Torresen Marine and found them but they seemed $$$, $168 each. Then I read Pascoe Marine Engines : Drive System Alignment by David Pascoe, Marine Surveyor and he mentions another type of mount, the Ace Mount???
  • Tips on how to remove and replace the mounts,
  • BTW, anyone removed a Autostream prop? How? Is it just the two set screws, West by North has yet to return my phone call or email.

downeast450 04-14-2010 04:13 AM

I find using pieces of paper to check the coupling's alignment is quick and easy. My coupler has 3 bolts. I try to trap three scraps of dry paper (one at each bolt hole). If I can hold all three pieces as I rotate the shaft I am there.


T37Chef 04-24-2010 11:39 PM

Going well so far...
All things considered, the project is going well.

First thing was to remove the prop, coupler, shaft seal, and shaft so a new shaft could be made. Everything went well. This was the first time I have removed the Autostream prop, it comes off in two pieces, pretty amazing piece of engineering. (the directions for reassembly are three pages long...LOL).

The new shaft & cutlass are in and look good. I ended up having a professional do it, I forgot that you have to put the shaft in then the cutlass due to the skeg/rudder, it was simpler to just have the mechanic do it since he had the proper tool and I have been a bit busy at work preparing for a competition at school ;) (BTW, Nelson Anderson, on site at Oak Harbor, he does excellent work.)

I was able to reuse the coupler and have cleaned and painted it. The tranny saver and PSS are in and awaiting install. The only hiccup has been the engine mounts. I had to reorder, the ones I received were incorrect.

Side Note: Initially I shopped at Toressens for the mounts/bushings using the part number from the engine manual. Then I Goggled the mount and found Bushings,Inc: manufacturer of bushings and marine engine mounts , the manufacturer of the part. They recommended I purchase the bushings from Quality marine products and boat parts They were about $100.00 less each! Both were selling the same units built by Bushings Inc. Ridiculous!!!:mad:

I have been prepping the bilge area around the shaft tube to be painted with Interlux Barrier Coat, I don't like Bilgekote.

Soooo, since I'm waiting on another set of mounts I have decided to start some new projects :confused: The wife thinks I am nuts...removing the centerboard for some needed maintenance, filling and fairing some areas of the hull, re-rig mainsail reefing with new blocks, and the list goes on and on and on...:confused: :eek: :D

T37Chef 05-12-2010 06:50 PM

Not that anyone cares :laugher the boat is in and no leaks, I will fire up the engine this weekend after a check of alignment and see if everything far so good, not a drip in the bilge (freshly painted BTW :D )

What a great feeling to have the boat boat move under your feet, here come the bills :rolleyes: :eek: :(

jrd22 05-12-2010 09:21 PM

Well done, you tackled several projects at the same time and it sounds like everything turned out well. It's a great feeling to get the boat back to useable condition after a project!

sailingdog 05-12-2010 09:43 PM

Good luck.... let us know how it goes...

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