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DelmarRey 03-10-2003 10:04 PM

Headliner replacement options?
I have just ripped out my old head liner made of a cloth backed vinyl with 1/4" foam underneath. I was in desperate need to access all the deck fittings for resealing and rip out all the deadend wires that the last DPO just cut and left running thru-out the vessel without concern about shorts or power draw.

I still have the mahogany stringers across the ceiling. I would like to replace the headliner with a white faced paneling of wood or plastic so that I can access the deck fittings for up grades or service. I would also like to be able to remove it without pulling a thousand rusty or corroded staples and replace it right back with just a few screws.

The vessel is foam cored fiberglass thru-out. My question is what is available out there and where can I get it? Any suggestions would be welcome.


marcliff 03-11-2003 05:15 AM

Headliner replacement options?
If the stringers are in place and sound why not use wood batten strips fitted perpendicular to the stringers. These are available in teak, mahogany and probably some light colored wood like birch or ash if you want a lighter color. If you install the strips with screws you would be able to get them off as needed. If you fit the edges close and varnish it should look just fine. The strips are about 1 1/2" wide and easy to work.
I have a similar treatment on a 1985, First 345 and it looks really good and almost zero maintenance except for a little Pledge.
Good luck

DelmarRey 03-11-2003 10:00 AM

Headliner replacement options?
Thanks Cliff,
But I''m looking for more of something in white. I have very little windows in what I have of a doghouse. And larger pieces would be more to the likeing. This is a retired racing boat so she''s low and sleek, I need the light without cutting port holes in the deck.

GordMay 03-12-2003 12:32 AM

Headliner replacement options?
Powerboats often use Door Skins covered in Foam Backed Vinyl, and fastened to Overhead Battens with Velcro. Works surprisingly well.
Good Luck,

jklewissf 03-12-2003 04:21 AM

Headliner replacement options?
My boat has the overhead of thin plywood covered with white formica. The joints are covered with thin teak battens held in place by screws with finish washers. It looks good and gives very good access.

DelmarRey 03-12-2003 06:41 PM

Headliner replacement options?
Thanks Gord and jklewissf,
I really like the idea of the door skins with velcro and then add the finishing washers in the corners, and the middle for the long sections. I can still get the insulation to fit up in there. That would work very well for what I have to work with.


jmoesswilde 04-19-2011 09:50 PM

just bought a 1978 pacific secraft 25 and i would like to just tear out the headliner of this pacific secraft 25 and paint the inside fiberglass white. will that work?
also i have some leaking around the mast step and compression post. is it a big deal to remove the mast step to rebed it?

T37Chef 04-20-2011 10:50 AM

FWIW...I replaced the headliner in our Tartan with a Masonite type product from Home Depot. Some would say not the best product to use but I figured it was pretty much the same as what was in there and that lasted for almost 30 years. If it gets wet it will have to be replaced, but then I don't have any leaks in the deck. It is covered with a glossy white finish on one side and easy to work with. I used the old ones as a template and I also add some insulation when we replaced it, boat seems a little more cozy now and has a new headliner :)

jmoesswilde 04-20-2011 11:03 PM

so why does there need to be a headliner? i was hoping to just paint the solid fiberglass and be done with it. once i rebed the fastenings for the handrails on the cabin top (which are causing the leaking i have now) i do not anticipate any leaks. what else does the headliner do? insulation? mositure buildup?

mitiempo 04-21-2011 01:26 AM

It can be part of an insulation system, either with air above or closed cell foam of one type or another. It also hides the inside of the cabintop molding, often roughly finished as most were designed to be covered during manufacturing. Also hides the fastenings of deck mounted items and protects you and yours from hitting your heads on them.

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