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Booher 03-16-2003 04:32 PM

Hull Out What can I do
I just put a down payment on a boat and it will be hauled out in a few weeks for survey. What can I do to the bottom in the short time it is out of the water. I have no idea what shape the bottom is in. The boat has been in the water since September 02. They say the bottom was painted then. Im also not sure of the type of bottom paint. I know I can at least change the zink.

BertV 03-16-2003 05:15 PM

Hull Out What can I do
The good news is that you are having it surveyed. Not that all surveyors are real ood at their jobs but if you have very limited experience, it''s good to have someone who knows what to look for. If the boat was painted in September 02 then, depending on what type of paint was applied, how much was applied, and where you are in the world, the paint that''s on it should be good till at least September of this year. If the paint is of good quality, it will probably be good till the spring of 04. The surveyor should be looking for any problems with the structure and integrety of the hull. Obviously through hulls are a concern. How old are they, what are they made of, how were they installed. Ask the surveyor for his opinion about replacements if he/she feels it''s necessary. Are the valves gate or ball. If they are gate (like a tap) they should be replaced no matter what condition they are in. Have a look at any transducers (depth or speed meters). Are they clean and in good condition, installed properly? Any you have mentioned the zincs. Don''t just throw out the old ones. Check for corrosion. If there is a lot, were they replaced in September and if so, is there an electrical problem on the boat or at the marina? If they look brand new, are they properly bonded and actually working. Is the prop in good condition (nicks, bent blades, etc). Most of this stuff the surveyor will be able to help you with. If the paint is in good condition applied last year, ask the surveyor thinks it will last in your conditions. And last but not least, relax and enjoy the boat!

jnj 03-17-2003 02:56 AM

Hull Out What can I do
On the same note... we purchased a Watkins 29 in the fall and had her hauled out in November. Two surveys assured us the hull was in excellent condition for its age without a single blister. The bottom paint although crisp on the exterior shows some flaking/peeling but otherwise looks very durable. Outside changing the zinc on the prop shaft should I risk putting her back in to get another season out of the coating? One advisor on this thread suggested the originator could get another season out of the boat since being launched in the fall of 02.

jklewissf 03-17-2003 04:20 AM

Hull Out What can I do
I dont know how they do surveys where you live but here in San Francisco they tend to pull the boat out just before lunch, leave it in the slings and go to lunch. The surveyor does his thing over lunch time and the spash the boat as soon as they resume work.

The price for this sort of haul is a lot less than they charge for blocking the boat on dry land for a paint job.

I''d suggest you have the yard powerwash the bottom when they haul it and put it in the water. I would not invest in a bottom paint job until you know you are going to buy the boat. Until you have the results of the survey, you wont know that.

RobGallagher 03-17-2003 06:21 AM

Hull Out What can I do
Heres what I did:
Note: The seller agreed to my terms in writing before the survey began.

I had the mast pulled before the survey started.

All systems that could be surveyed with the boat still the water had to be completed before I had the boat hauled. this included tha mast and rigging.

After the engine was tested and while still warm, I winterized it while the surveyor got the boat ready for haulout.

The boat was hauled and left in the sling for the survey below the waterline.

At the completion of the survey I had the yard block the boat for storage and bottom painting.

Note: My agreement with the seller and the yard was that at any time I could back out of the deal and pay the yard for the work completed and the seller would pay for the remainder.

Example; If the hull was blistered I would have paid only for pulling the mast, and a short haul. The seller would be responsible to get the mast back in. If the motor was suspect, I would not have the boat hauled and the survey would end.

Good luck and get the best surveyor you can find.

One more bit of advice... I had my surveyor picked out before I started boat shopping!

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