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cghubbell 06-03-2010 03:03 PM

Quick-connect hose fittings for bilge hose?
My 1977 CS27 currently (only) has a manual bilge pump. It's a Henderson Mk V with all 1-1/2" hoses which connects to a diverter valve that in turn connects to two different bilges (engine, and main cabin). The main cabin bilg hose runs through the hull stringers into the bilge over the keel bolts, which is an optimal path for it.

I'd like to reconfigure my boat so that it uses electronic bilge pumps rather than manual. I'll probably install a high capacity "reserve" pump, and a smaller "keep it dry" pump. I would like to keep the manual pump as a fail-safe in case of electrical failure. It's already there, so might as well.

In order to route the hoses for the new pumps I'm thinking that I will remove the 1-1/2" manual system's hose and repurpose the stringer holes for the electronic system's hoses. that hose has to go anyway as it's nasty corrugated junk.

My thought was to run a hose from the cockpit (where the manual pump lives) through a bulkhead, and into a compartment under a settee which is easily accessed. I would then keep a coil of bilge hose somewhere convenient. The idea being that if I really need to use the manual system I can run that coiled hose to whatever area needs to be pumped, and somehow quickly connect it to the hose in the settee.

Has anyone rigged something like this as an auxiliary pump? Any suggestions on fittings? I don't want to be messing with hose clamps and screwdrivers in a disaster, nor would I care if it leaked a tiny bit as long as it could keep the suction flowing. I'm looking for a screw-together, or snap together fitting at 1" or 1-1/2".

Haven't seen this kind of fitting in the catalogs... Any thoughts?


mitiempo 06-03-2010 03:45 PM

I would also like to replace my existing manual bilge pump hose, but it was put in place before the liner was installed and will not budge. I'd be surprised if yours was easy to remove. My plan is to run a second smaller hose beside the manual hose for an electric pump in the main bilge, which requires holes in the 2 beams under the sole. As far as the engine bilge I am installing a small electric Whale pump there without a float switch, just a switch that is momentary on one side and the other side is manual on. This will prevent pumping oil automatically.
I would stay away from portable solutions and valves as much as possible. You say a small leak is not a problem - if on the suction side the leak will cause problems.

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