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joub 03-19-2003 08:37 PM

Newfound Metals Stainless Ports
Has anyone had experience with the stainless NFM ports? Would like to hear pro or con before making the investment

Thanks in advance


h37skipper 03-20-2003 11:10 AM

Newfound Metals Stainless Ports
Installed ten bronze NFM''s. Have a friend who did the stainless. Except for the chrome finish of the stainless they are identical. Is your question specific to the stainless finish? If general about the quality, installation, and upkeep feel free to write to me. I can also give you my friend''s address for specific stainless questions.

joub 03-20-2003 05:55 PM

Newfound Metals Stainless Ports
Thanks for the response. Was mainly interested in the quality. Have they leaked? Are you happy with yours?

Recently ran across a thread in another forum that was questioning their suitablilty for off shore work. Don''t plan to go off shore, but thought I should ask around for another opinion.


joub 03-20-2003 06:06 PM

Newfound Metals Stainless Ports
Noticed my old Email address was on my response. New address is


h37skipper 03-21-2003 04:44 AM

Newfound Metals Stainless Ports
Do not understand your comment about "offshore". I installed them exactly for that reason. These are heavy duty, bolt-through portlights with safety glass. And they look great. I installed six 7x14''s and four 5x12''s.

If installed and maintained properly they do not leak. The two dogs and two hinges are both adjustable to get a tight seal. Whenever I close one I run a damp cloth over the rubber seal and frame. It is a compression seal and dirt will allow leakage.

The downsides are: 1) expense, 2) difficult to install properly(write for detail), 3) require a hanging chain to keep open, and 4) they do not drain. This is a problem for me because of the sloping cabinsides. I sponge out the ones I plan to open when I arrive at the boat.

joub 03-21-2003 12:58 PM

Newfound Metals Stainless Ports
Thanks much for the information.
I had already placed an order for 6 5X12''s and was concerned when I read something negative about them.

As with all things I guess, you can''t keep everyone happy all the time! Your comments are appreciated!



pcyc2 01-07-2009 03:22 PM

I would not recommend dealing with New Found Metals. They shipped the wrong ports (they Mixed up OD frame size for Inside Size) I needed 7 by 14 outside frame size and they shipped me their 7 by 14 ports which have a size of outside size of 10 by 18". I talked to the owner(Richard) prior to ordering and only gave him my old port outside frame sizes. Which is 7 inches by 14 inches long outside. So they have reshipped the correct ports, charged my Visa twice for the ports, twice for shipping, I have paid the duty into Canada twice, and he is giving me a hard time refunding any of the funds back. And to boot he yells on the phone, talks over you, blames me, is a complete jerk to deal with. I do not recommend doing business with New Found Metals what so ever. I have sent about 5 e-mails to them in this regard, about the same amount of phone calls, and the shipment is still incomplete. Screens paid for, still have not been shipped) And the large ports, which somehow he did get right, don't have the self supporting hinges. He did make 4 large custom made ports for me, and these look ok, they are missing the said screens and hinges. The original order was for 4 small ports for the v-berth, head and hanging locker on a Sabre 34 mark 1, and I had him make 4 large ports for the main sallon. He did get the large port made to the correct size(the outside frame deminsions of the old ports) but really screwed up the order on the front small ports, and now I have issues getting refunded my moneys owed to me. So be careful.

Maine Sail 01-07-2009 03:42 PM

None better..
There are none better! When researching I dug into portlights to a very in depth level, as I usually do, and there are honestly very few portlights at any price that even come close to the quality of NFM. The NFM port lights represent one of the best values in the marine industry when compared to thier competition and their prices especially when you take quality into account.

The frames are solid cast stainless or solid cast bronze these are NOT cheap stamped stainless frames. The gasketing is bomb proof and the bolts are hidden from view and leaks. You would be hard pressed to find a more durable portlight for offshore work than NFM.

Richard and his wife were great to deal with if not a little bit spacey. You have to really look at the price to quality ratio though to get a full grasp of what a true value they are. If they made a mistake I'm sure they will correct it!

Aesthetically the NFM ports added thousands in value to our boat. This summer we had more gawkers than usual and people asking specifically about the georgeous ports.

Before you install these please take the time to read this very thorough installation blog (link below) on NFM ports. It takes much longer than you would think to do the job right.

When I get home I'll post some close ups of the quality and construction of these ports.

Installing New Found Metals Stainless Ports (LINK)

ccriders 01-11-2009 09:40 PM

Beautiful boat
Hey Maine Sail,
Every time I see a picture of your boat I think what a beautiful, well maintained boat. She will turn anybody into a gawker!

chucklesR 01-11-2009 09:46 PM

I put in 8 of the tri-metal's on my hunter 31, pic's are posted elsewhere if you search sailnet for it.

It was easy all things considered, maybe 2 hours per. I've since sold the boat but since it sits in the slip next to my current boat I can positively say that 5 years later not a single drop of water has leaked in.

I'd do it again for sure.

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