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KRCSWO 06-12-2010 08:33 PM

Raymarine autopilot help
We just bought a new Raymarine autopilot for our boat.

New control head, fluxgate compass, course computer, and wheel motor.

We finished the installation over the last few day. The system is stand alone, it doesn't communicate with any of the other instruments.

We went through the dockside setup. No problems.
The rudder can be turned to port or starboard using the +10 -10 buttons.

We went through the sea trial setup, where you do a few turns for the compass to align. No problems.

But, when we try to do the last step, the auto-learn, where the autopilot is supposed to determine the gain and response settings required for our boat, the autopilot turns the boat hard to port, and the boat does tight circles. It doesn't even try to straighten itself out.

There is no error showing on the control head.

There is nothing about anything like this in the manul, or troubleshooting guides online.

Can anyone suggest what to try next?

sailingdog 06-12-2010 11:41 PM

It would really help if you said what make/model autopilot control head, fluxgate compass, wheel motor, course computer, etc., you had, as that may have some very significant bearing on what the solution will be. :rolleyes: :confused:

KRCSWO 06-13-2010 02:48 AM

The unit is a ST6002.

norsearayder 06-13-2010 06:38 AM

i had the same problem last year on a x-5 installation.just reverse the power leads to the helm drive motor & do the learning mode again...there should be an old thread on this problem

LakePirate 06-13-2010 07:19 AM

That's great to know. I was having the same problem after resurecting mine last weekend. I had rewired and put in a new belt in my 4000. When I put it on auto it would start doing a 180 every time. I'm flip the conectors to the motor and give it another try.

c40eb 06-13-2010 07:41 AM

I recently installed the X-5 Wheel pilot on my boat. After powering up, the first test is (at dockside) to hit the + & - buttons to confirm the wheel is turned correctly (+ for stbd), before heading out to sea trial.

Mine was opposite...had to switch the motor leads. Sea trial then went flawlessly.

When you first tested the controls, did you note the direction in which the wheel turned when hitting the + & -? If that was correct, something else is wacky.

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