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Northeaster 06-16-2010 07:13 AM

New Windlass twisting line / chain - change 3-strand or add anchor swivel?
Hi Folks,

I installed a Maxwell Freedom 500 Windlass about a month ago. I have only used it about 6 - 8 times and it worked flawlessly.

(sidenote - so far really impressed with the Manson Supreme. Sets super quick and has to be broke out, by motoring ahead, a few time already)

Now, however, it has started to jamb when letting the line out, especially near the rope to chain splice. I went to the anchor locker to have a look, and the chain had a couple of twists in it, near the spice to the rope. The 3 stand line had a twist as well.

It retrieves the line and chain just fine. It is letting it out where the problem arrises. I do suspect, however, that the retrieval of the 3 stand is putting the twists in it, and therefore the chain.

I know that the manufatcurer and people here recommend the 8 plait over 3 strand, but the manufacturer does say 3 strand will work.

Is this where my probem is coming from for sure, or could it be that I don't have an anchor swivel??? Would a swivel prevent twists 50 ft away, where the chain is spiced to the line?

Which is the most likely culprit? I have 250 ft of 1 year old 3-strand, so I was hoping to be able to use it! However, going to the anchor locker each time, to undo a few twists is not exactly convenient, so I have to do something!

Thanks in advance for any help!

lancelot9898 06-16-2010 07:36 AM

I also have a similar setup with the anchor rode as you including the Manson Supreme which I like very much. I'm using 80 ft of BBB chain spliced to 3 strand and do have some twist induced whenever I use a lot of rode. However most of the time I'm anchored in shallow waters and not much 3 strand in used. 8 plait will solve the problem, but I would stay away from swivels even though the manufactures claims they do not induce a weak link. A couple of years ago when replacing the rode, I went with 3 strand over the 8 plait because of the preceived chafe resistance of the 3 strand over the plait. Not sure how significant that is and if that benefit outweighs the twist problem. Also there is more stretch with the 3 strand over the plait and that could either be a plus or minus depending how you evaluate it.

Northeaster 06-16-2010 08:12 AM

thanks for the quick reply! I am a little dissapointed that mine has twisted so much, after only a half dozen uses. On a most of those, I did put out 50 - 100 ft of line, and maybe 150 ft once.

I guess the thing is that if it kinks, on any kind of a regular basis (either the line kinks, or the chain kinks from the line twisting as it was brought in) then it is sorta useless. I then have to go down below, untwist a bit, and see if it will go further. Of course, if in 20+ ft of water, even with 50 ft of chain out, there is not alot holding the boat at that point, when i have to go below.
Luckily the Manson does seem to bite, with a minimum of rode out.

Unfortunately 8-strand plait os not sticked locally, so I will have to have shipped or brought in, if I go that route.

Would like to hear from any others who have experienced twitsing / kinking with 3 strand, and if 8-strand plait does work that much better.

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