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rpearlberg 07-08-2010 08:39 AM

Throttle Cable
Pearson 303 with Yanmar Diesel engine and Edson Pedestal Steering

The foward/reverse lever works perfectly, however the throttle will not stay in place. When we press it forward to go it won't stay in position. I'm guessing this means that the throttle cable needs replacing. Any ideas/suggestions? We can hold it in place and it's fine, is it worth the trouble of fixing?

SVCarolena 07-08-2010 08:44 AM

This is a very very common problem with the Yanmars in our P303s, as well as other boats. There are two things you can do. First, make sure the friction device on the cable is adjusted properly. I believe there is an adjustment in the pedistal. Just remove the compass and it should be easy to find (it is a set screw on the shaft to the throttle handle). Some owners will add an aftermarket friction device to the cable near the engine. Check for that, as well. However, if you get it too tight, you will have trouble moving the throttle. My fix, and I've seen others do the same, is to tie a bit of shock/bungie cord in a loop around the pedistal guard near the throttle, then slide it over the handle when you are using the engine. Ours only moves back at around 1500 RPM or more, so I pop it over the handle when we are underway, and take it off the handle when we get to our destination (it always remains tied to the pedistal guard). Let me know if you want a picture. I've even heard of people having to do this on relatively new charter boats.

SeaFever2000 07-08-2010 09:52 AM


I have a Pearson 10M that I just repowered with a M25 diesel. I agree with the suggestion above: the friction bolt will fix your issue.

Remove the Compass, being careful in removing the wires for the compass light, and look at the screws/bolts on the throttle shaft side. There will be two of them. One that is a smaller bolt that keeps the throttle lever in place horizontally. The second, which may be a hex head bolt will tighten the throttle lever when you tighten it. It is easy to adjust and check in real time by moving the lever. Adjust it and take the boat out (you can motor w/o compass for a while) and check the friction at various RPMs. Close up the compass after final adjustment.

Hope that helps.

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