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obiec 04-02-2003 12:18 PM

anybody have info about volvo md1c
I have a volvo md11c that has only 500 hrs but has water in the oil, It also smokes blue but runs very well. can anybody that has had one of these engines tell me how thay liked it if it was very reliable, I am thinking abut just pulling it and putting in a new yanmar, but mabe I should just rebuild.

mrputzo 04-03-2003 06:09 PM

anybody have info about volvo md1c

I have an md11c in a older Pearson. The engine is very reliable but is very noisy and vibrates a lot compared to the newer yanmars and others. Replacement parts are also expenseive in my opinion. Is your engine raw water or fresh water cooled? The water in the oil could be as simple as the seal between the raw water pump and the shaft that drives the pump. This is reported to be a chronic problem by other people that I have spoken to. I have changed the seal myself but have not seen any water in my oil.
As for the smoke that''s anybodys guess.
As for swapping out engines it would depend how long you intend to keep the boat and how much money you want to spend.
I plan to keep my engine until it dies and than I would swap to a yanmar myself.

obiec 04-10-2003 10:02 AM

anybody have info about volvo md1c
give me an idea of how yo went about changing the seales in the pump I think I will try that first, You can E mail me at

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