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andantesmr 01-29-2001 03:43 PM

Any one have experience with either
Profurl or LeisureFurl BOOM furling
systems?. I am contemplating installing
one on a Mason 44.

bill_of_q3 02-04-2001 08:33 AM

I have one on order for a new Taswell 44AS to be installed next month by Atlantic Spars in Annapolis. Two sister ships have had same rig. The first did not install an electric main halyard winch - a mistake. The weight of the sail + the resistance from the bolt rope was excessive. I was in New Zealand last year and spoke to a number of owners with the Leisure Furl and all were happy with it. There is a learning curve, but one owner who has had the boom for over a year here in Florida does not regret the expense. I like the advantage of bringing the weight down as the sail is reefed and the fact that unlike an in-the-mast system, you can always get the sail down even if the system jams. Additionally , the sail track is available for a storm tri-sail if needed.

Vitamin 04-20-2001 04:20 AM

I have a HOOD Stoboom that is unavailable new now, but mine was hardly used.

I like in-boom systems since you can use a fully battened sail and trim it like a "normal" set-up. I ordered the Profurl but had some bizare trouble the West Australian distributer, so I walked.

I had some problems with the line-drive and the boom aligment, all now under control.

I have added some sail-reinforcements/ 3rd reef loops if things get really bad sown here close to the "Roaring 40''s" .

I just love it when I, Furl the head-sail, press the Autopilot button and walk up on deck and roll the 350'' main in about 20-40 seconds. Hard work, but easy now when I put the main-halyard on the Anderson REVERSED and a elastic cord as "brake". It gives the right tension and I can just crank like crazy. Summary: This stuff is like most gear on a boat only as god as the installation and the "set-up". Good sailing!

Vitamin 04-23-2001 04:30 PM

The pros and cons? This comes to my mind re. in boom main-sail furling systems:

You can "trim" your boat with a rolling system as if you have numerous reefing points.

It stores the sail protected and neatly inside the boom.

It is really easy to hoist to the exact size you require for the conditions.

Works well beside a separate track for a try-sail/storm sail.

Minimum weight aloft.

Can be used with a "racy" fractional rig, but usually best with simple masthead systems.

It is far to expensive for "what it is".

Depends on a "good installation" to work well and trouble free.

The "descent-rate" of the sail must be precisely controlled, maybe with a adjustable halyard-brake. You cannot let it "free fall" down like when you use lazy jacks.

The boom must be at a pre-set angle to the mast or the sail will roll upp unevenly, much like when you try to roll back two yards of toilet paper!

rexford 07-07-2001 11:49 AM

I put a Profurl boom on my Island Packet 31 and later (at wife''s insistence) added an electric winch in cockpit. System works great and we love it.
New Sabre 402 (now being commissioned) will have a Leisure Furl with electric winch. I think it is a better designed system and is now also made in US.
I second others'' comments about reefing advantages, sail shape (got an additional 1/2 knot on my IP), and importance of keeping tension on halyard and proper boom angle when furling.

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