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QuickMick 08-26-2010 03:02 PM

Anchor Locker Renovation
Ok, I just yanked the emerson quiet cool out of the Vee.... it was old and beat. She is plumbed for a replacement (at around 89-100), but looking at the space behind I'm having second thoughts.... If I hook up some PVC for the chain/rode to snake to the bottom of the locker, im having dreams of installing bookshelves/tv etc in my new found space.... anyone try a conversion of the anchor locker (or 1/2) to accomodate both?

sailingdog 08-26-2010 03:22 PM

I wouldn't use PVC pipe for an anchor locker hawse pipe. First, if you have any chain at all, it will eat the PVC pretty quickly. UHMWPE is a far better material, but would recommend using it as a locker lining material to protect the fiberglass. It is highly abrasion resistant and very slippery.

Also, the PVC pipe would make clearing a chain jam a lot more difficult.

I just changed my anchor locker to be three times as deep as it was previously by cutting out the bottom and glassing in two pieces in the shape of a "v" to bring the anchor rode deeper and further aft in the boat. This will help the boat balance trim better when the rode is stowed, since it will ride lower and further aft. The locker is lined with the UHMWPE that I mentioned previously.

The area below the anchor locker is being glassed closed to create a "crash compartment" that will be sealed from the rest of the interior and prevent the interior from flooding in the case of a bow impact. This was previously dead space that was left unused forward of the holding tank. By closing it off, it now serves a purpose and makes the boat a bit more seaworthy.

Whatever you do to resolve your anchor locker situation, I would highly recommend you make the anchor rode fairly accessible and the locker well drained and ventilated to the exterior of the boat.

oceanscapt 08-26-2010 04:53 PM

I agree with sailingdog re PVC pipe for hawse pipe. I went with 4" aluminum and had a 6" tulip welded to the end so that the chain would drope smoothly and not catch.

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